AppDynamics Funding Proves APM is Growing

We’d like to congratulate AppDynamics on their recent round of financing.  The size of the round is further validation that the APM market is an exciting one to be in.

While products like AppDynamics are primarily designed to meet the needs of development and engineering teams, we at Correlsense continue to focus on building the industry’s best tool for the people who manage production applications on a daily basis.  This includes IT operations, application support, enterprise architects and application owners.  Presently, there is a shortage of tools with the low overhead, true end-to-end monitoring and diversity of coverage necessary for the Enterprise.  In the end, these people need operations-centric tools that keep applications running 24/7.

According to Bernd Harzog of The Virtualization Practice, much less than 5% of all applications are monitored by APM products.  This means you should stay tuned for more fund news like this in coming months as the IT world recognizes application monitoring is not just for development teams.