Performance Testing Book Roundup

Here is a sample of some books on performance testing.  Their sales rank within the performance testing category, number of customer reviews, and people-who-bought-that-also-viewed-this on is an indicator of their relevance to the field.  So that is how I picked the list.

I have not read all of these, so I list part of all of their table of comments, comments by the publisher and buyers, publication date, number of pages, and price.  All of that should help you see at a glance what each book covers and how deeply it covers it and whether you might want to dig into that or recommend it to someone on your staff.

In these fast cloud-computing-big-data-paradigm-shifting days, something even 5 years old can seem dated.  While the performance testing tools are changing as we speak, the basic principles are the same, so something 7 years old is very much relevant today.

“Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications.”  by Microsoft.  Microsoft Press. 2007. 288 pages. $20 paperback.

Provides and end-to-end approach to performance testing. This book is #4 bestseller in the Performance Optimization category at

Table of Contents:

  • Fundamentals of Web Application Performance
  • Types of Performance Testing
  • Risks Addressed through Performance Testing
  • Web Application Performance Testing Core Activities
  • Coordinating Performance Testing with an Iteration-based Process
  • Managing an Agile Performance Test Cycle
  • Managing the Performance Test Cycle in a Regulated (CMMI) Environment
  • (…and more…)

Customer Reviews

“The authors explain concepts in terms that can be understood by a broad technical audience. The authors also include an introduction to the Agile and CMMI methodologies from a performance perspective.”

“The Art of Application Performance Testing: Help for Programmers and Quality Assurance.”  By Ian Molyneaux. O’Relly Media.  2009. 158 pages. $32.26 paperback.

Table of Contents:

  • Why Performance Test?
  • The Fundamentals of Effective Application Performance Testing
  • The Process of Performance Testing
  • Interpreting Results: Effective Root-Cause Analysis
  • Application Technology and its Impact on Performance Testing

Customer Reviews

“This well-written primer provides just enough information to help one get started with automated performance testing.”

Performance Testing with JMeter 2.9” by Bayo Erinle.  Packt Publishing. 2013.  $14.59 Kindle, $35.99 paperback.

Table of Contents:

  • Performance Testing Fundamentals
  • Recording your First Test
  • Submitting Forms
  • Managing Sessions
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Distributed Testing
  • Helpful Tips

Customer Reviews

“If you’re looking to learn JMeter (and start testing after a couple of hours of reading) then Performance testing with JMeter 2.9 does an excellent job of actually teaching you how to use JMeter step-by-step and not just providing a reference manual.”

Software Performance and Scalability: A Quantitative Approach.” By Henry H. Liu. Wily. 2009. 375 pages.  $76.30 hardcover.

This author is an engineer at VMware. This text looks suitable for an academic setting or someone developing their own product with some quite complicated mathematics covered in the appendix.

Table of Contents

  • Hardware Platform
  • Software Platform
  • Testing Software Performance and Scalability
  • Applying Queuing Theory
  • (…case studies…)
  • Defining API Profiling Framework
  • (…more on API profiling…)

Editorial Reviews:

“The practicality of the subject in a real-world situation distinguishes this book from others available on the market.”

Customer reviews:

“The book provides both the analytical and measurement aspects of performance and scalability.”

“What’s special about this book is that the author presents the information in an easy-to-read fashion without being superficial.  ”