Case Study: Chemicals

Improving the Performance of Customer-Facing Applications

The Customer:
A leader in specialty chemicals and materials which prides itself on its history of technological innovation, application expertise and personalized service. The company serves tens of thousands of customers and operates manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Challenge: Customer Service Calls Prompted the Need for a More Proactive Approach to Monitoring Applications
Each day, the customer service team received multiple calls about application performance issues. To solve these problems, they would interpret how customers described their user experience. They lacked the visibility into what the customer was seeing.

“We have a global customer base and multiple applications running on our systems so it is useful to look into the information gathered by SharePath daily.”
-Project Manager

One IT Manager admitted they had basic monitoring tools in place, but didn’t know the full end-user experience. These simple management applications could not pinpoint specific issues or transactions, so they often had to rely on the information provided by their customers. This data, however, was often incomplete. For example, a customer might just explain that “the application timed out.” Furthermore, different customers would sometimes offer different descriptions of the same problem.

The Project Manager wanted to gain visibility into what his customers were experiencing and needed data that could help address issues both quickly and accurately. He also sought ways to improve ongoing application performance.

The Applications:
The company had many customer-facing applications that served their diverse customer base. Usage included: downloading documents, checking the price of a product or placing an order online.

Solution: Application Performance Management with SharePath
The customer implemented SharePath to look deeper into customer complaints and conduct a more thorough data analysis. They chose SharePath over other products based on price, ease of implementation, comprehensive data reports and integration with their existing systems.

The Project Manager uses SharePath on a daily basis to examine new orders.

Benefits: Faster Problem Resolution, More Detailed Data Analysis and Happier Customers
During weekly internal stakeholder meetings, customer service calls were discussed and answers were expected for problematic transactions. The reports and analysis generated from SharePath data were critical to answer these questions.

“If I have to troubleshoot something, this is a great tool. I’ve worked with a lot of external vendors and the Correlsense team has been extremely flexible.”
-IT Manager

The IT team compared performance averages to determine where certain applications improved or slowed down. This was especially important when conducting regression analysis. They took a baseline measurement one week with SharePath to use as a comparison and tested whether a new version of an application made significant improvements.

Finally, SharePath allowed them to look into performance problems immediately and proactively. The team received a clear picture of what happened by looking at exact numbers in the SharePath dashboard, rather than waiting to take action after customers complained.  With clear transaction names, IT easily identified issues without having to search through a large mass of data to locate the problem.

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