SharePath Success Stories

Case Study: London South Bank University
For some time, the London South Bank University had been dissatisfied with the performance of its student records application, which was responsible for managing data and processes in relation to aspects such as admissions, examinations, courses and student finances. SharePath immediately demonstrated its ability to provide an in-depth visibility into the various tiers of LSBU’s applications, identifying specific issues and leading to an 80 per cent improvement in performance… more >>

Case Study: Chemicals
This leader in specialty chemicals received calls about application performance issues but had no visibility into the end-user experience. SharePath enabled proactive problem resolution… more >>

Case Study: FIBI (Banking)
FIBI’s core business application was suffering from severe performance problems that could not be diagnosed by their existing APM tools. Upon deployment, SharePath was able to… more >>

Case Study: Finance
A large wealth management firm implemented SharePath to gain visibility into vendor supported applications. With SharePath, the IT team could pinpoint issues and relay them to… more >>

Case Study: Insurance
This insurance provider’s online quoting application architecture was written by a third party vendor and customized by the company. SharePath provided visibility into transactions and performance, allowing for… more >>

Case Study: Investment Bank
This investment bank’s online trading application was hanging for several minutes multiple times a day, affecting all of its users. SharePath restored the bank’s reputation by identifying… more >>

Case Study: Media Website
When the real estate section on the website of a large newspaper experienced slow performance, the IT team was unable to pinpoint the issue. With SharePath, they drilled down to the source of the problem and… more >>

Case Study: Telecom
This international telecommunications company was unaware of performance problems with one of its applications until users complained. It installed SharePath to gather data and increase visibility into performance, enabling proactive… more >>

Case Study: US Utility
An outage with this large electric power provider’s work order system could result in lost revenue totaling millions of dollars. It used SharePath to keep its system at high availability and peak performance as well as to compare… more >>


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