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40% of IT Managers Experience Cloud Outage, Survey Says

Delivering services via the cloud can be much more difficult than expected, research has suggested 40% of IT managers have experienced cloud outages. Furthermore, 1/3 of respondents spend 1 million dollars or more on cloud deployments. The high costs of
these deployments means these outages are not acceptable from a business perspective.

“Cloud, whether it’s internal or external, is here to stay and it has great benefits, but IT managers need to know whether there is sufficient service capacity to support growth or peaks in their workloads and still meet required SLAs, for example,” said Adams. “The IT team must play a larger role with the emergence of today’s dynamic environment. You have to ask the right questions and provide expertise and advice to a variety of constituents to mitigate risks.”

You can read more here: 40% of IT Managers Experience Cloud Outage, Survey Says

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