Problem Isolation Time-to-resolution measured in minutes, not days

When things go wrong you know who is on the front line. If anything slows down in production your team is under pressure to find, diagnose and resolve problems as quickly as possible. Using SharePath means you can:

  • Get alerts via email when applications underperform
  • Isolate problems quickly by tier, application, user, IP etc. or your own parameters
  • Compare current slow-downs with historical or baseline data

Problem isolation is the biggest challenge facing today’s IT Operations teams. With frequent roll-outs and the accelerating reliance on virtualized and shared services, production environments are now so complex that hardly anyone can claim complete understanding of how any particular application behaves.

“Using this product allows us to objectively measure application performance, as opposed to subjective measurements we had before.”
– Chen Moskovich, First International Bank of Israel

Unlike many traditional monitoring tools, SharePath is ‘context-aware’ in that user transactions are tracked across multiple hops while maintaining user-context for the most accurate analysis of problems and bottlenecks.


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