Reports and Alerts


Waiting for calls or complaints to come in about your applications is arguably the worst way to manage performance. The truth is, however that most IT departments revert to this reactive method because their production environment is too complicated for any team member to fully understand.

Designed primarily for IT Operations, SharePath can:

  • Alert you to problems occurring in your infrastructure right now
  • Enable you to identify and fix problems before support calls come in
  • Provide reports that are easy to understand and share

By detecting and tracking 100% of transaction as they move across multiple tiers, components and platforms within the technology stack, even the most isolated and intermittent problems can be found and fixed, sometimes before anyone has had a chance to notice.

“Sharepath allows us to identify and locate problems in real time, in some cases before users have had a chance to complain.”
– Chen Moskovich, First International Bank of Israel

Because most organizations have more than just Java and .NET applications, SharePath is designed to monitor virtually all components of your IT environment, including: LDAP, ESBs, MQ, SSO, C/C++, Oracle Forms, fat clients and many more.

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