SharePath Tour

SharePath is an application performance management solution that gives you and your stakeholders the end-to-end visibility necessary to monitor and troubleshoot today’s most complex and interconnected applications.

Screenshot of Transaction Model
Trace every transaction across multiple tiers
The tools you have that monitor logs, networks, or code like Java and .NET are not enough for today’s multi-layered architectures where no single person fully understands all flows and dependencies. ‘See everything’ with SharePath.

Screenshot of Performance Optimization
Make problems obvious to everyone
By providing dashboards and data that everyone can understand, SharePath replaces cross-departmental confusion and service provider headaches with plain facts about where and why performance problems occur.

Screenshot of Application Dashboard
Use one scalable tool to monitor all your applications
Regardless of infrastructure (cloud, virtual, data center, hybrid) or architecture (C++, C#, Java), SharePath just works. You can see everything including LDAP, ESBs, MQ, SSO, C/C++, Oracle, MySQL, fat clients and many more components and technologies.

Screenshot of Cross-Tier Diagnostics
Resolve performance problems in minutes, not hours or days
Real-time views of your application performance means that you can quickly drill down into the complete data to get the root cause of a problem within minutes rather than hours or days.

Screenshot of Application Topology Map
Keep up with changes – planned and unplanned!
By automatically detecting changes and tracking transaction flows, SharePath creates real-time maps of your environment (including all applications, components and infrastructure). Allows you to keep up with all and any changes, both scheduled and accidental!

Screenshot of Advanced Search
Search for transactions by any parameter
Use the full-text advanced search to find slow transactions based on any user-, application- or infrastructure-related criteria. When end users complain, you see all their activity plus the detailed metadata needed to diagnose the problem.

Screenshot of Real-Time Analytics
Scale worry-free with a ‘Big Data’ back end
The SharePath NoSQL back end provides analytics and real-time insights that can scale to meet any monitoring challenge including multiple applications of any size.

Screenshot of End-User Experience Dashboard
Know your true service levels (SLAs)
SharePath data rules: no samples, no synthetic tests, just 100% of your application users and their transactions. This is the only way to monitor true response times, from the end user through to the data center and back again.

Screenshot of Baseline Comparison
Understand shared-services usage and dependencies
Discover how integration layers and shared services affect the overall performance of your applications.
Get Started with SharePath for Free
The best way to see how SharePath can help you and your team get a clearer view of your applications’ true end-user experience is to try SharePath for yourself for free.