Real User Monitoring: Real user monitoring leads to a better customer experience

SharePath provides real user monitoring functionality that can monitor your end user’s true experience with your web applications. By measuring your web experience as it is perceived on 100% of your end users’ desktops, you get an accurate picture of your availability, response times and service level performance.

“Now we can quickly diagnose problems in real time, as they arise, and measure ourselves accurately against service level agreements.”
          – Phil West, GAINSCO CIO and Senior Vice President

transaction_watchSharePath is a software-only solution designed for the demands of today’s high volume web applications that provides insight into the true experience of your users or customers. Unlike synthetic monitoring tools which periodically poll your application with robot driven traffic, SharePath monitors the actual traffic of your users in real time and collects 100% of the data for analysis and alerting. So, how is SharePath  different from the application monitoring tools you are using today?

  1. It is available as a software-only product. You can easily download, install and use it in your test or production environments with minimal effort.
  2. It is scalable. Some of the world’s largest financial services, telecommunications, healthcare and retail firms use Sharepath to monitor complex high-volume web applications.
  3. Share Path is affordable. You can use it today for free and expand it to your entire application infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of other enterprise-class real user monitoring solutions on the market today.

Get SharePath RUM for Free – The best way to see how SharePath can help you get a clearer view of your true end-user experience is to go to and download for FREE!

  • Provides real-time monitoring and alerting of service levels – Service levels can be defined to match internal goals and then used to alert you before end users are affected.
  • Identifies the source of performance problems – SharePath shows how a transaction performs over time and breaks down the overall response time between data center, network and rendering times.
  • Requires no new hardware – SharePath is completely software-based so you do not need to install a proprietary appliance in your data center.
  • Observes service levels by geography, user, activity or application – This helps you better understand the scope of a network slowdown or outage.
  • Records all user activity –  Unlike synthetic transaction tools that ping your server at a fixed interval, SharePath captures data about 100% of your user traffic.
  • Autodetects and classifies all types of user activities – SharePath automatically detects, classifies and assigns meaningful names to your application’s transactions, providing a common language for IT to communicate with business stakeholders.
  • Creates daily, weekly and monthly reports – SharePath gives you intuitive reports to track performance and service level trends.

Get SharePath RUM for Free – The best way to see how SharePath can help you get a clearer view of your true end-user experience is to go to and download for FREE!

SharePath monitors your web end-user experience using dedicated client-side server collectors. Measurements are sent over the existing http/https channel and collected by the SharePath Web Server Collector that resides on your web servers. Finally the collected data is sent to the SharePath Management server, where it is processed, analyzed and published to the dashboards.

Proactive Alerting

SharePath can notify you whenever your service level performance drops. Service levels are monitored for both the end-user experience and for the data center round trip. SharePath also has a flexible alert definition module that allows you to set new alert types based on any monitored KPI.

The SharePath package contains:

  • Virtual Appliance – Virtual image file of a preconfigured SharePath Backend, including repository, dashboard, reporting application and management console. Just deploy it to your virtual platform.
  • Web Server Collector – A software module which can be easily deployed on web servers and web proxies, delivered as a standard installation package for your Windows or Unix environment.
  • Documentation – Manuals and wizards to help you get started.


The Express Edition of SharePath is available for free for one web application and two servers. You can use this full featured package risk-free and see how it can help you improve your web performance. If your needs are larger, then the Enterprise Edition of SharePath RUM may be right for you. Scalable to hundreds of servers and running in production in some of the leading financial services, telecommunications, retail and healthcare firms, the Enterprise Edition can handle the demands of the most sophisticated IT environments for a fraction of the cost of other real user monitoring solutions.

Get SharePath RUM for Free – The best way to see how SharePath can help you get a clearer view of your true end-user experience is to go to and download for FREE!