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Whether you are rolling out a new application, striving to improve your end user experience or need visibility into the end to end performance of your enterprise applications like Documentum or Oracle Forms, SharePath can help. Find out how SharePath can work in your IT environment.

SharePath for SOA and Shared Services Environments
Many IT organizations today are deploying applications that rely on Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and shared services models often coupled with a private cloud infrastructure. While these architectures help you become more agile, they also introduce new challenges from operations, application support and development perspectives.

Application Performance Management for Oracle Forms / Oracle E-Business Suite
Today’s application performance management tools do not provide sufficient capabilities to monitor and manage Oracle Forms-based applications. While you can track basic performance data such as CPU usage, SQL activity, database response times and session activity, it can be challenging to acquire the real-time data and cross-tier visibility you need to manage your Oracle Forms-based applications if you are an Application Support Engineer, Application Owner, QA Engineer or Forms Developer.

SharePath for Documentum
SharePath is an enterprise-class software solution designed to monitor performance inside the Documentum content server. By gaining visibility across Documentum’s infrastructure, you get an accurate picture of end user experience, potential bottlenecks and service levels.

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing brings with it many benefits, especially lower IT costs and increased flexibility. However, the dynamic, hybrid nature of cloud environments requires enterprises to re-think their existing IT management processes and tools, especially the processes of change management, incident management, problem resolution, capacity management and release management.

IT Reliability
Every organization wants IT reliability: confidence that technology-powered business processes will be available, perform well and adapt to changing business conditions. Businesses need to be able to predict what the impact of changes will be in order to enable IT reliability. To achieve IT reliability, IT has made significant investments in initiatives and technologies such as service management, application performance management and ITIL.

Application Performance Management
Performance management is about the delivery of service levels that users require for their business processes in order to be successful on a consistent basis.

Cost Allocations and Chargebacks
IT cost allocation reporting can be performed accurately with Correlsense SharePath’s end-to-end view of transaction processing across the data center.

Dependency Mapping and CMDB
Dependency mapping helps businesses understand the availability of their business processes. Learn how SharePath can help IT achieve maximum availability.

Real User Monitoring for Native Mobile Applications
Mobile applications allow your customers to access your services anywhere, anytime. As a result, understanding the end-user experience for native mobile apps is important to improving customer loyalty and retention. Otherwise, important business can be lost as customers who are on the go become frustrated with a poorly performing application and do not have the time or patience to call your customer support team.

SharePath for IBM WebSphere Message Broker
As applications become increasingly connected, Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs) such as IBM WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) are being employed to handle the communication between disparate applications and services. ESBs, however, introduce new management challenges. SharePath for WebSphere Message Broker gives you the ability to quickly understand dependencies and identify middleware bottlenecks.

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