Using the Windows Performance Monitor to monitor Processors

Here we give a brief overview of processor performance monitoring with the Microsoft Performance monitor.  The Windows Performance monitor (perfmon) is a tool that you can use to take a look at an individual Windows server.  It is including with … Continue reading

William Hill and Correlsense Unlock Real-time Customer Insights

William Hill deploying Correlsense’s SharePath software to monitor application performance and customer retention Framingham, Mass. – January 29, 2014 – Correlsense, the leading enterprise Application Performance Management (APM) company, today announced that William Hill is deploying its SharePath software. William Hill … Continue reading

Correlsense Announces Immediate Availability of SharePath 3.5

New release of the company’s flagship software extends its leadership position in the enterprise application performance management market Framingham, Mass. – January 21, 2014 – Correlsense, the leading enterprise Application Performance Management (APM) company, today announced that it has delivered Release … Continue reading

If it ain’t broke, application performance monitor it

Application Performance Monitoring is essential to preventative maintenance. APM allows you to understand optimal performance levels of applications, monitor when performance has dropped and identify the cause of any issues. Software isn’t just about building features or products. Software products … Continue reading

Why 2014 is the Year When the Customer Becomes your Financial Advisor

As you receive your IT budget for 2014 and begin to plan where you will invest the money, Adrian Thirkill suggests that you consider more than just fast ROI, containing costs or solving short-term problems. The smart business, he states, … Continue reading

What Software do I need to Patch?

One of the key issues in Enterprise APM is the breadth of infrastructure. Today, few companies run their whole business on browsers, servers, and the web. In most, there are new applications, legacy applications, packaged applications, and composite ones built … Continue reading