The Top 3 Reasons an Application Hangs

lanir-shachamDo you experience application hang problems? If so, read this article to discover the top 3 reasons applications hang and cause slow performance.

If you have been in the IT industry long enough, you probably know this story well. The … Read More

Constants of Cloud Application Performance Management

lanir-shachamWe are seeing more and more awareness of application performance management these days in less mature IT organizations who until recently were solely focused on infrastructure performance. New sites that are dedicated to helping those less familiar with the art … Read More

Business Transaction Management


 The Next Generation of Business Service Management


lanir-shachamWhy a New Generation? What’s Wrong with the Old One?

Traditional systems management tools focused on monitoring the health of individual components. Tools like IBM Tivoli, BMC patrol, CA Unicenter, and … Read More

Why IT Operations is Like an Action TV Series

Nir Livni, Product Management Director at Correlsense, writes about IT operations, citing W. Edwards Deming who said “In God we trust; all others must bring data.”

I like watching the series “24,” though I can’t really explain why. Every time … Read More

Transaction Management – Linking Business and IT

lanir-shachamTransaction management is the IT process that links the business process with the IT infrastructure. By tracing transactions, you know where problems exist.

Most businesses have IT–a complex infrastructure of hardware components that interact in order to provide a service … Read More

End-to-End Monitoring of Transactions

lanir-shachamEnd-to-end monitoring solutions should monitor all of the infrastructure’s components, yet some solutions only monitor one part of the bigger picture.

The term “end-to-end” relative to transaction monitoring is very over-used. End-to-end Website monitoring, end-to-end server performance monitoring, end-to-end database … Read More

Reducing Risk During a Data Center Migration

lanir-shachamAlthough data center migration projects are multifaceted—from construction to cooling to provisioning software and storage—the primary objective is to facilitate the delivery of IT services to end users in a cost-effective manner.

If applications are not performing up to par … Read More

Transaction Monitoring -The Four Approaches

lanir-shachamThis article discusses transaction monitoring and the 4 approaches of network appliances, Java/.NET deep dive, end-user measurements, and agent based monitoring.

You know that your enterprise is in dire need of a transaction monitoring solution. Transaction latencies are in the … Read More

Transaction Monitoring: Traditional vs. BTM

Transaction monitoring includes both traditional and new approaches. Before making a purchase, read this article to learn the differences and make the right choice.

Even experienced IT professionals can confuse traditional monitoring tools and the newer generation of business transaction … Read More

Transaction Monitoring Software: Jargon Proliferation

lanir-shachamThis article on the jargon proliferation within the transaction monitoring discipline reviews common phrases used today to describe how to link business and IT.

There are several ways to trace a transaction. Although different approaches to transaction tracing may yield … Read More

The Evolution of Transaction Management – Part 2

lanir-shachamTransaction management tools monitor the entire system, not just singular components. This article discusses how transaction management enables true availability.

Transaction management is a natural continuation of the past 15 year evolution of IT systems management. In the last few … Read More

The Evolution of Transaction Management – Part 1

lanir-shachamTransaction management has evolved to a fourth generation. Based on a podcast by Doug McClure, this article covers the end-to-end transaction management evolution.

Information technology contributes to business efficiency like nothing else. Managing complex IT systems requires constant innovation; systems … Read More

SharePath on ITIL

lanir-shachamSharePath can assist in various ITIL areas, including incident management, problem management, and change and release management.

This article discusses how SharePath by Correlsense can assist in various ITIL areas:

ITIL: Incident Management

With SharePath, event correlation is inherent. SharePath … Read More

Service Level Management – The Game

lanir-shachamService level management doesn’t have to be so difficult. Read this article on how SharePath can visualize all application transactions.

In Sturm, Morris and Jander’s book, “Foundations of Service Level Management,” service level management (SLM) was defined as “the disciplined, … Read More

Service Level Management Made Easy with Transaction Management

lanir-shachamService Level Management can be implemented effectively by using a transaction management solution. Review these key steps.

Implementing Service Level Management successfully requires appropriate technology support. Service Level Management involves both business and IT processes that need to be carried … Read More

Much More Than a SOAP Monitor

lanir-shachamThis article discusses how SharePath provides immediate visibility into complex SOA transactions–more than just SOAP monitoring.

Imagine the following scenario:

  • An apache server running PHP receives a request for availability of an item.
  • The PHP code uses nusoap to send
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The Evolution of Business Transaction Management – Part I

lanir-shachamInformation Technology contributes to the efficiency of the human race like nothing else. Keeping up with the management of complex IT systems requires constant innovation;systems management has come a long way since the days of “Big Iron”. The fourth … Read More