News of the Week in Application Performance Management and IT Operations – July 13

Including articles about infrastructure trends, Oracle Forms and IT skills, here are our highlights from this week’s news in the world of Application Performance Management and IT operations: 1) Ptak/Noel explained the lessons learned from the Amazon outage and how … Continue reading

Mastering P2V: Best Practices for Maintaining Service Levels upon Migration

No doubt you are familiar with the established benefits of virtualization: improved efficiency and resource availability at a lower overall cost. Many IT departments, however, have discovered that virtualizing applications can create new and unexpected performance problems. Continue reading

The True Constants of Cloud-Based Application Performance Management

We are seeing more and more awareness of application performance management these days in less mature IT organizations who until recently were solely focused on infrastructure performance. New sites that are dedicated to helping those less familiar with the art … Continue reading

3 Big Trends on My Mind

It’s safe to say we’re in the midst of big trends emerging in the IT industry. Technologies continue to develop, particularly mobile and cloud. The overall economic health of US and Europe remained precarious, forcing organizations to continue trimming fat … Continue reading

Five Important IT Capacity Management Trends for 2012

The increase in virtualization and cloud computing has significantly changed the scope and complexity of capacity management. Forecasting hardware needs is no longer enough. You must understand and optimize your business services, applications, and infrastructure through these new platforms. Continue reading

Sometimes a Performance Problem Can’t Be Reproduced In a Test Bed

I attended the Greater Boston Computer Measurement Group’s fall conference a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of topics discussed. However, among the plethora of bullet points described, one value proposition sticks out in my mind. During a … Continue reading

EMA Webinar: Measuring User Experience in the Cloud

Cloud computing brings with it many benefits, especially lower IT costs and increased flexibility. However, the dynamic, hybrid nature of Cloud environments require enterprises to re-think their existing IT management processes and tools. Applications that perform poorly and fail to meet service levels — whether on premise or in the Cloud — can cause users to churn and revenues to drop. Continue reading