What Does Operations-Centric vs Developer-Centric APM Mean to You?

The pace of change in today’s IT world is truly astonishing. The traditional roles and descriptions between various IT roles have been blurred. In today’s complex IT environments, Development, Application Support, and IT Operations collaborate often to ensure application service levels are met. Operations, traditionally, relied on siloed monitoring tools to figure out how the infrastructure support applications. However, a new and emerging approach called ops-centric APM claims to provide horizontal visibility into transaction’s performance across all the silos that support applications. All the way from the desktop, down to the database and to the application code. In this series of posts, I’ll examine the subtleties of the ops-centric APM approach compared with developer centric APM, and what it means for IT. Continue reading

Webinar: 5 APM and Capacity Planning Imperatives for a Virtualized World

Increased adoption of virtualized applications has greatly increased the complexity of capacity planning and performance management. Monitoring and forecasting CPU utilization is no longer enough. IT operations and capacity planners now must understand and optimize their applications and infrastructure from the end user to the data center. Continue reading

A Mixed Crowd at Velocity 2012

Recently I attended Velocity 2012, a web performance and operations conference in California where industry leaders and professionals meet and share ideas. I was able to roam the exhibit halls and speak with a lot of the vendors at their booths (and gather an impressive collection of free t-shirts in the process!). Continue reading