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March 14, 2014

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TriZetto Annual Healthcare Conference 2014

TriZetto’s Healthcare Conference is one of the premier events in the healthcare market, particularly for insurance companies and other payer organizations.

Join us from May 18-21 at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa where Correlsense will demonstrate our SharePath for Healthcare Payers software. We will also hold a workshop titled Getting Peak Performance from TriZetto Facets™. Learn how enterprise APM software like SharePath can make healthcare applications faster and more reliable.

January 21, 2014

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Correlsense Announces Immediate Availability of SharePath 3.5

New release of the company’s flagship software extends its leadership position in the enterprise application performance management market

Framingham, Mass. – January 21, 2014 – Correlsense, the leading enterprise Application Performance Management (APM) company, today announced that it has delivered Release 3.5 of its SharePath software. This version includes a wide variety of enhancements designed to broaden the product’s footprint in the enterprise:

  • Reduced cost of ownership by monitoring more applications in less time
  • Increased scalability by managing more applications with the same hardware
  • Enhanced method-level hot spot detection and code analytics for multiple programming languages
  • Advanced search features for its integral big data store
  • Flexible and intuitive business transaction naming
  • Expanded alerting and notification options

 SharePath is designed for enterprise environments where there are multiple server platforms, programming languages, software applications, middleware products, and a variety of endpoints. SharePath monitors languages like Java and C, integration components like queue managers and enterprise service busses, and a wide variety of operating systems and databases. A highly scalable backend allows customers to use hundreds of collectors to monitor many operational applications using a common management server.

 “Delivering software for the enterprise requires a level of sophistication that most APM vendors simply don’t have,” said Lanir Shacham, founder and CTO. “SharePath’s unique ability to correlate big data streams and to detect a broad range of performance issues across all components and tiers is unmatched in the industry.”

Large corporations often rely on composite applications spanning new software, legacy code, and packaged solutions. Employees and customers may access them from Internet browsers, terminals, or rich clients like desktop workstations. A single user transaction may touch dozens of servers and applications inside the company and in the cloud.

SharePath tracks individual user transactions across all hops in this long journey and isolates the source of a problem. Once identified, SharePath customers can easily view the details and determine the best course of corrective action. SharePath also helps customers identify potential problems and capture information that may be used to provide better customer service and more efficient revenue generating applications.

SharePath Release 3.5 is available for download today for customers worldwide.

About Correlsense
Correlsense develops and markets enterprise application performance management and IT monitoring software for major corporations worldwide. It is the APM product of choice for business and IT operations managers that rely on complex and critical enterprise applications. Correlsense paints a complete and dynamic picture of IT service levels and performance for applications that span mobile, SaaS, data center and the cloud.  SharePath customers include some of the world’s largest financial, telecom, gaming, and healthcare firms. For more information, visit

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May 10, 2012

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An Introductory List of Oracle Monitoring Tools

What tools provide visibility into the performance of Oracle technologies? After doing a Google search we realized there has not been a list compiled which outlines various solutions. This introductory list is a first attempt to organize the various Oracle solutions.

Most solutions mentioned give visibility into an Oracle Database but struggle with Oracle Forms based applications. The product descriptions come from the vendor sites.

If you would like your tool added or removed please leave a comment below.

 Correlsense - SharePath

SharePath is the first ever integrated real-user experience and transaction monitoring solution for Oracle Forms- based applications. You can deploy SharePath in just hours without manual mappings, application-specific configurations or prior knowledge of the application internals. It provides a unique end-to-end view of application performance, and the visibility necessary to assure Oracle Forms-based applications are performing well and meeting end-user expectations and SLAs.

CA Wily - Customer Experience Manager 

CA Wily CEM focuses on identifying and prioritizing problems that affect end-user service quality by analyzing individual transactions in real-time; providing customized real-time dashboard displays that give you the information needed to make quick, accurate decisions; enabling business-based prioritization of problem resolution; and displaying information needed by both IT and business owners to work together to meet Service Level Agreements.

Confio Software - Ignite

Ignite for Oracle was designed to identify root causes of Oracle database performance problems without adding load to your systems.  Ignite 8′s design allows for extended Oracle monitoring without hindering performance from your production systems.

DBTuna - DBTuna

DBTuna is a comprehensive 24×7 deep-dive monitoring solution used to monitor Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g. It is designed to be simple to deploy and very low overhead, therefore is ideally suited to busy production sites or testing environments.

Intellinx - Intellinx

The Intellinx architecture is very flexible and scalable, providing a cost effective solution to organizations with 500 employees as well as corporations with 100,000 employees. Intellinx can be deployed in a wide range of configurations according to the organization’s structure and needs. Intellinx may be configured for supporting a central auditing and investigation group that audits all end users as well as decentralized groups of auditors and investigators, each monitoring a subset of the users.

Knoa - Knoa Experience and Performance Manager (EPM) for Enterprise Applications

With its innovative architecture, Knoa EPM delivers precise metrics about application performance, as well as an unprecedented level of visibility into how end-users are interacting with the application. With this insight, application support teams can pinpoint and eliminate application/system issues, see shortfalls in end-user performance, and identify opportunities for further training.

ManageEngine - Applications Manager

Most business critical applications are database driven and need Oracle Monitoring. The Oracle database management capability helps database administrators to seamlessly detect, diagnose and resolve Oracle performance issues and monitor Oracle 24X7. The database server monitoring tool is an agentless monitoring software that provides out-of-the-box performance metrics and helps you visualize the health and availability of an Oracle Database server farm. Database administrators can login to the web client and visualize the status and Oracle performance metrics.”

MoreVRP – MoreVRP for Oracle

MoreVRP® for Oracle DB takes you far beyond the scope of traditional database monitoring and management applications. It starts with optimal real-time monitoring and a smart repository of all relevant data on transactions and queries generated anywhere across any of the database instances that identify and log bottlenecks and problematic events. But far beyond monitoring performance and giving recommendations, MoreVRP is the only solution that has the unique ability to leverage the knowledge it collects to proactively reallocate resources across all active transactions in accordance with business priorities.

Nastel - AutoPilot6

Nastel’s Expert for Oracle Database is an extensible data collector that automatically gathers information in real-time on all Oracle-based application transactions and processes and passes that information to AutoPilot M6.This gives you visibility into the performance and health of business application processes that flow across Oracle systems from your AutoPilot M6 consolidated dashboard. The expert is non-intrusive, and automatically collects information about Oracle servers and their components without affecting the database. Easily customizable business views graphically display process status and performance metrics explicitly tailored to the needs of individuals or groups of users, based on their job functions and your business needs.

Oracle - Oracle Real User Experience Insight

Oracle Real User Experience Insight enables enterprises to maximize the value of their business-critical applications by delivering insight into real end-user experiences. It can help identify lost revenue from frustrated users, reduce support costs by lowering call center volumes, accelerate problem resolution of poorly performing applications, and help businesses adapt to changing needs by providing insight into business trends and user preferences. It integrates performance analysis and usage analysis into a single offering, enabling business and IT stakeholders to develop a shared understanding into their application users’ experience.

April 25, 2012

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Clabby Analytics Highlights SharePath 2.5 In Recent Report

Clabby Analytics recently released a report highlighting the new feature of SharePath 2.5:

The firm has previously highlighted SharePath’s non-intrusive approach and easy implementation. These factors have not changed with 2.5 – and Clabby agrees.

New features include user response time monitoring, code level visibility, revamped analytics, and a new application dashboard for better usability. Making SharePath a comprehensive APM tool was the chief goal with this new release. As Clabby highlights:

“Clabby Analytics likes Correlsense’s new integrated, broadened strategy. While a ‘best in breed’ approach may work in some areas of IT, when tracking application performance across distributed computing environments, an integrated product such as Correlsense SharePath 2.5 can provide a more accurate and complete picture of the health of an application flow…problems and bottlenecks and their relative impact on response time can be much more easily identified – enabling applications to be quickly tuned for performance.”

With increased adoption of public and private clouds, SaaS, and consumerization of IT, maintaining SLAs and gathering reliable performance data have never been more important. Users must see what is really happening with transactions in these complex environments. Clabby concludes:

“With SharePath 2.5, users can see not only transaction flow, but also have deeper insight into application code, and how each component affects response time…. Correlsense has a strong, comprehensive APM solution for customers across a wide range of industries.”

We are flattered by the kind words and needless to say, couldn’t agree more with her conclusions. We encourage you to read the full report:

April 18, 2012

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The APM Market Is Not For Chickens

I’ve been SVP of Sales at Correlsense for three years, and in this time I’ve had a lot of opportunities to meet with the clients. These are the people in the trenches using, or hoping to use, APM as their primary weapon against all the “interesting” situations that arise when managing applications in production.

A while back, I found myself lured into the southeast by a huge potential client and the promise of an amazing plate of chicken.

The client was an industrial scale poultry operation, the kind that supplies fast-food chains and grocery stores alike. Years ago, they had built themselves a transportation and logistics system which included, amongst other things, C++ code, extensive use of MQ, and proprietary protocols. For years, the system had worked just fine, but it had one fatal flaw. I call it the Jurassic Park Syndrome. You remember the film- a high-tech computer network was designed to keep bloodthirsty dinosaurs under control, and only two people (Samuel L. Jackson and “Newman” from Seinfeld) understood how to work it. With those people gone the system is inoperable, freeing the dinosaurs to do what they do best (eat everyone).

This was a similar situation, only with chickens instead of Velociraptors or Tyrannosaurs (which is a good thing).

Nobody in the organization understood the internals of their system anymore since the authors were no longer at the company. This was causing huge application problems. As a result, the team was spending hours trying to identify the roots of the issues in a system they had no map of. If you’ve ever been lost in a strange city with no map, you have some idea. If you’ve ever been lost in a strange city with no map while blindfolded, you’re getting closer.

Fortunately for them, they had a great attitude. Unfortunately for me, that meant hours of chicken jokes. Jokes that literally involved chickens crossing the road, about the operation being “out of cluck”, functionality “beaks and valleys”… it was unending and horrible. At one point I even tried to join in (“gee, looks like you put all your eggs in one basket”), and they didn’t get it. Awkward.

Anyway, SharePath could help them, because our product automatically maps any application without prior knowledge. It can also handle the non-standard technologies they use and allow them to get right down to the root cause of their application performance problems.

Afterwards, they took me out for lunch and I ate the best chicken I’ve ever had, anywhere, in my life. Fried chicken, roasted chicken, grilled chicken- it was all there and it was amazing. I commented that they were producing some of the best chicken meat in the country and they all glanced around the table uncomfortably. Turns out it wasn’t their chicken.

What a fowl experience.

April 9, 2012

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Aligning Service and Product Strategy

If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you know that I love my product. We all do here. But we also know that there are competitors out there doing a good job as well. The APM industry is quite competitive, with several companies saying very similar messages. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish one product from the next.

However, I think there are things we do better than the others. Ours’ is the most lightweight in the industry, it supports broad coverage in terms of technology, and our implementation process is streamlined and painless. Am I trying to market our product? Always- but this is not the reason I write these posts.

One of the keys to our approach to this whole thing has been to align our service strategy closely to our brand. I sit with my guys to figure out the best way to make sure we’re doing this; to ensure that our support and platform have the same message. It is vital that every member of my teams believes in the same product values and benefits. So here’s what we figured out after a recent brainstorming session:

Lightweight - Our SAAS platform is slim, with nothing but a neat Knowledge Base and a process to open tickets. This is designed to be a SharePath “Wikipedia.” Opening a ticket takes 30 sec or less, without huge forms or applications to fill – as lightweight as possible.

Fast - A day after the purchase date, we configure an account for every user; send them a welcome video (1 min and 40 sec long) and a link to download the product – a day after they’re up and running. The customer can start using the product the day after they pay for it. There is no need for a training session, PS days or anything like that. Just go ahead and start.

Coverage - There are multiple support channels for all of our users. Shoot us an email, call the support center or log in to our platform (from any device on earth) and you’ll find our KB; like a SharePath wiki, with everything you need – starting with implementation/installation guides and even a template project plan.

As I mentioned in the past, service is a product and it is important to provide your customers with the same message with both products – the service and SharePath. It is as true for an APM tool as it is for Skype.

March 27, 2012

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Five Keys for Performance Management of Oracle Forms and E-Business Suite

Today’s APM tools do not provide sufficient capabilities to perform real end user monitoring of Oracle applications. While these tools can track basic performance data, most solutions do not cover the entire Oracle E-Business Suite technology stack and it can be challenging to acquire the in-depth visibility needed to properly manage your application’s performance.

See below for a recording of an online seminar and slide deck where we showcase solutions for application support engineers, application owners, QA engineers, Oracle Forms developers and EBS Integrators. Topics include how to:

  • Isolate problems before end users experience them
  • Gain visibility into the potential source of bottlenecks in Oracle components
  • Reduce the risk and overall time to rollout for new applications, Oracle Forms migrations and EBS upgrades
  • Analyze stress tests to identify, isolate and resolve scalability issues before rolling out to production
  • Monitor your end user experience with both real-time and historical performance metrics

View the recording or presentation slides below.


: 1Rt5E6EDumQ 560by315


Presentation slides:

Thanks for watching.

For more information on Correlsense products, please visit the products section of this site or download our FREE real user monitoring (RUM) tool.

February 13, 2012

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Correlsense Announces General Availability of SharePath Version 2.5

New code level visibility, advanced analytics and dashboards make the product a complete Application Performance Management solution for IT operations and application support teams

Framingham, MA | Feb 13, 2012 – Correlsense, a leading provider of transaction management solutions, announced the availability of SharePath 2.5, the latest version of its application performance management platform. This new release includes deeper visibility for code in production environments, broader views across the IT infrastructure, user interface enhancements, and greater analytical capabilities. These improvements allow users to more efficiently isolate the cause of slowdowns, improve end-user experiences, and monitor applications for better service level management.

“Applications built according to modern architectural principles need to be monitored in a holistic, end-to-end manner”, said Jonah Kowall, Analyst, Gartner Research “Five distinct dimensions of, or perspectives on, end-to-end application performance are each essential and complementary to all the others.”

The new code level visibility in SharePath 2.5 provides application support and development teams with deeper data about production failures and bottlenecks, along with the transaction flow and user request context. This enhancement gives the complete platform the broadest visibility for transaction flows across components, as well as deepest views into production code. Sharepath’s lightweight agent technology adds very little overhead and can be easily installed, deployed, and configured with little direct code knowledge.

“We are very pleased to announce the availability of SharePath 2.5,” said Oren Elias, CEO of Correlsense. “The new code level visibility means that SharePath now meets the complete needs of today’s increasingly application-centric IT operations. Infrastructure and applications support professionals who are looking for a comprehensive APM solution can benefit from using SharePath to manage complex service-oriented environments.”

Additionally, users can now leverage SharePath’s updated analytic capabilities to significantly reduce time-to-isolation. A new application dashboard provides a focused view of trends along with contextual drill downs. The weekly application performance report gives both IT and business stakeholders an intuitive view of real-time and historical trends. Finally, new change analysis capabilities allow users to compare the time frames before and after a change was made in the application, in order to isolate and eliminate new bottlenecks..

Updated data center intelligence features improve usability and help users understand real-time trend data and performance metrics. New response time and volume graphs are now correlated with a breakdown graph, making performance monitoring much easier. Data may also be displayed as processing time per transaction, allowing a quick understanding of how different tiers affect user response times.

“Our support staff loves the dashboard view and the concise information it gives them about their application on one page,” said Andrew Elkin, Capacity Planning Analyst, Network Rail. “The new weekly performance report is a great summary used by business owners and senior management and the analytics views makes diagnosing performance problems very easy.”

Using patent-pending transaction tracking technology, SharePath offers advanced behavior modeling, real user monitoring, code level visibility, and advanced analytics in a single platform. A free, downloadable version of SharePath 2.5 is available at:

About Correlsense:
Correlsense is a leading provider of application performance management solutions. The company’s flagship product, SharePath, is a transaction management solution which enables IT organizations to be more agile when introducing new business services in physical, virtual or hybrid environments. Leveraging a unique approach that combines both transaction tracking and automatic application behavior modeling, SharePath provides IT organizations with actionable knowledge on how to avoid disruptions, maintain high service levels and constantly improve end-user experience. The company was recently recognized as a “Visionary” in Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant.” Correlsense was founded in 2005 and is privately held. For more information please visit

Media Contact:
Frank Days
+1 508 318 6488 x211

January 18, 2012

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Five Important IT Capacity Management Trends for 2012

The increase in virtualization and cloud computing has significantly changed the scope and complexity of capacity management. Forecasting hardware needs is no longer enough. You must understand and optimize your business services, applications, and infrastructure through these new platforms. See below for a recording of an online seminar and slide deck from Correlsense and Metron-Athene which will explore the latest “need to know” trends in capacity management, including:

  • How to more effectively manage your IT costs and SLA agreements
  • What you need to know about capacity management when operating in both physical and virtual environments
  • How performance monitoring in cloud-based environments relates to your capacity management goals
  • What is unique about capacity management and monitoring for virtualized applications
  • How to align traditional capacity management techniques with the ITIL methodology

This webinar also includes a demo of the SharePath-Athene solution for meeting the challenges of these upcoming trends.

View the recording or presentation slides below.


: Z7P6LpTAbvg 560by315


Presentation slides:

Thanks for watching.

For more information on Correlsense products, please visit the products section of this site or download our FREE real user monitoring (RUM) tool.

December 13, 2011

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Correlsense Partners With SOASTA to Deliver Integrated Solution for Testing and Monitoring in Pre-Production and Production Environments

SharePath With CloudTest Delivers Insight to Test What Matters and Transactional Metrics to Prevent Costly Performance Issues

December 13, 2011 | Framingham, MA and Mountain View, CA – Correlsense, a leading provider of transaction management solutions, and SOASTA®, the leader in cloud-based performance testing, today announced a technology partnership. The joint solution lets users quickly set up and run full-scale performance tests, combine and correlate data, and ensure monitoring of all mission critical applications from pre-production to production environments. Correlsense and SOASTA customers now multiply the value of the transactional performance metrics collected with Correlsense to isolate root causes of traffic-related bottlenecks during tests run on SOASTA’s CloudTest platform. Additionally, real users’ transactional information gathered by SharePath guides teams in determining which tests are most critical. The speed of CloudTest analysis and low overhead of Correlsense SharePath monitoring make the joint solution suitable for testing from development all the way through live production.

“SOASTA customers need to quickly understand which business transactions to test, where performance issues will affect their business and exactly what to do to solve them,” said Tom Lounibos, CEO of SOASTA. “SharePath identifies which critical transactions to test, and then delivers essential information to CloudTest so teams can take immediate action to fix issues as they occur during testing.”

The SOASTA CloudTest Platform is the world’s largest platform for testing the performance of Web and mobile applications at scale. Available in a range of options, from the free CloudTest Lite to fully managed On-Demand services, CloudTest’s patented visual test creation, automated test server provisioning, and real-time analytics allow testing teams to execute performance tests with unparalleled speed and agility, whether testing internally or cloud.

“We see SOASTA’s solution for cloud-based performance testing as best in class, much like we believe SharePath’s technology is unparalleled in our space,” said Oren Elias, CEO of Correlsense. “We are extremely excited about this partnership, and look forward to joint initiatives and providing a more comprehensive offering to IT operations and infrastructure teams.”

Correlsense’s SharePath detects, tracks and meters 100% of end-user interactions 24×7, from the click of an end-user, throughout the data center. While other performance management solutions focus on identifying problems at individual components, SharePath provides infrastructure and application teams with unprecedented visibility into transaction flows and how end-user response times are impacted by infrastructure and application components.

SOASTA and Correlsense will host a joint webinar on December 15th, 2011 titled: “New Approaches to Real-Time Application Testing and Performance Monitoring: A Holiday Guide for the Retail Industry.” Oren Elias, CEO of Correlsense, and Dan Bartow, Evangelist & VP of Performance Engineering at SOASTA, will be discussing the integrated solution and presenting a live demo. To register for the webinar, please visit:

To learn more, please visit and

About Correlsense
Correlsense is a leading provider of application performance management solutions. The company’s flagship product, SharePath, is a transaction management solution which enables IT organizations to be more agile when introducing new business services in physical, virtual or hybrid environments. Effortless to install, a SharePath solution can be up, running and providing value in less than a day. Leveraging a unique approach that combines both transaction tracking and automatic application behavior modeling, SharePath provides IT organizations with actionable knowledge on how to avoid disruptions, maintain high service levels and constantly improve end-user experience. The company was recently recognized as a “Visionary” in Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant.” Correlsense was founded in 2005 and is privately held. For more information please visit or download the free Express edition of SharePath at

SOASTA is the leader in cloud testing. The company’s CloudTest products and services leverage the power of cloud computing to quickly and affordably test consumer-facing Web and mobile applications at scale, providing customers with the confidence that their business-critical Web applications will be reliable and scalable, even under extreme loads. SOASTA’s customers include many of today’s most successful brands, including American Girl, Chegg, Gilt Groupe, Hallmark, Intuit, Microsoft and Netflix. SOASTA is privately held and headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information about SOASTA, please visit

Media Contact:
Frank Days
+1 508 318 6488 x211