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The Top 3 Reasons an Application Hangs

lanir-shachamDo you experience application hang problems? If so, read this article to discover the top 3 reasons applications hang and cause slow performance.

If you have been in the IT industry long enough, you probably know this story well. The … Read More

Why IT Operations is Like an Action TV Series

Nir Livni, Product Management Director at Correlsense, writes about IT operations, citing W. Edwards Deming who said “In God we trust; all others must bring data.”

I like watching the series “24,” though I can’t really explain why. Every time … Read More

Transaction Management – Linking Business and IT

lanir-shachamTransaction management is the IT process that links the business process with the IT infrastructure. By tracing transactions, you know where problems exist.

Most businesses have IT–a complex infrastructure of hardware components that interact in order to provide a service … Read More

The Importance of Understanding the Transaction Behavior

One of my chores at home as a husband is doing the food shopping (I also take out the trash, play with the kids, and even cook Saturday evening dinner – truly husband of the year!). Food shopping should actually … Read More

Cloud Performance Management Driven by Continuous Change

There are several trends affecting the way companies deal with monitoring infrastructure and applications for availability and performance:

  • Agile development – drives frequent application rollouts and code pushes into production, without proper tools to enable agile rollouts
  • Virtualization – demands
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The Evolution of Transaction Management – Part 2

lanir-shachamTransaction management tools monitor the entire system, not just singular components. This article discusses how transaction management enables true availability.

Transaction management is a natural continuation of the past 15 year evolution of IT systems management. In the last few … Read More

The Evolution of Transaction Management – Part 1

lanir-shachamTransaction management has evolved to a fourth generation. Based on a podcast by Doug McClure, this article covers the end-to-end transaction management evolution.

Information technology contributes to business efficiency like nothing else. Managing complex IT systems requires constant innovation; systems … Read More

Java Bytecode Instrumentation Limitations

lanir-shachamA real transaction management product needs to follow through the transaction between different types of application-related components such as proxies, Web servers, app servers (Java and non-Java), message brokers, queues, databases and so forth. In order to do that, you … Read More

Finally–The BSM Promise is Fulfilled

lanir-shachamBusiness applications depend on complex IT infrastructures, and performance problems can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. This is why IT organizations are continuously seeking ways to understand how business is affected by IT. As per ITILRead More

Missing Pants, Big Laughs

lanir-shachamRecently, I had some business meetings out of town. I packed my bag furiously, making sure I had the essentials. Toothbrush? Check. Tie and belt? Check and check. Imagine my surprise when I got to the hotel that night and Read More

What’s Unique about SharePath?

Transaction Path Detection Software

Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO, explains why SharePath is different from other transaction management solutions.
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