Immediate/Low Cost Triage For Application Performance Problems

Our Performance Assurance engagements include all the software and onsite assistance to give your staff an in-depth view into where application transactions are spending time throughout the datacenter, allowing you to immediately track transactional performance from the end-user to the … Read More

Correlsense SharePath for IT Reliability (Part 3 of 3)

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Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO, on using transaction data for capacity planning, performance management, cost allocation, change management, and auditing.
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How Correlsense Solves the Transaction Tracing Problem (Part 2 of 3)

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Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO, on unlocking the solution to end-to-end transaction tracing.
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What is the Transaction Tracing Problem? (Part 1 of 3)

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Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO, discusses end-to-end transaction tracing and why DB performance management tools, Java/.Net diagnostics, or sniffers don’t work.
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What We Do – 1-Minute Description

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Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO, explains what Correlsense is all about.
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How We Got Started

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Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO, on how the company got its start by solving the IT war room problem.
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What’s Unique about SharePath?

Transaction Path Detection Software

Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO, explains why SharePath is different from other transaction management solutions.
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SharePath APM Software Demo

Learn how you can find and troubleshoot problems fast, even in the most complex IT environments. Get a complete, intuitive view of application performance across multiple tiers, technologies and platforms.

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