Correlsense SharePath for IT Reliability (Part 3 of 3)

Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO, on using transaction data for capacity planning, performance management, cost allocation, change management, and auditing.  Read more…

Video Series Episode 2 – Transaction Tracing

In my last post, I told you about a new video series I have posted to YouTube. In it, I discuss the big problem—tracing each transaction end-to-end from the user’s desktop to the last call to the mainframe. Although… Read More

Video Series Episode 1 – Solving the Big Problem

Did you notice they made me a movie star? If not, you really need to visit YouTube. It took us a very long morning to wrap up all the shooting – real funny experience. Now I know how the… Read More

IT Reliability Through Business Transaction Management

Every organization wants IT reliability: confidence that technology powered business processes will be available, perform well, and adapt to changing business conditions. Companies need to know exactly what is going on and need to be able to predict… Read More

Definition of Business Transaction Management

Now, since this is a relatively new term that lacks a formal definition, we here at the CS will attempt the audacious task of defining Business Transaction Management. Let us begin by taking a look at how Business Transaction Management has been defined across the industry. Read more…

The Dark Side of Enterprise Software

I’m renovating my house—opening a door to the deck and garden area and arranging my garden a bit. Although it’s not a huge project, it still requires the coordination of a few contractors. Now, I can complain and… Read More

GAINSCO Selects Correlsense SharePath Software to Ensure Top Performance of Self-Service Insurance Portal discusses GAINSCO’s use of SharePath to monitor its online auto policy information portal and improve user experience. Click here to read the full article.


Investment Bank

When the customers of a large international investment bank were affected by severe online trading application performance issues, the bank used all of its traditional application monitoring tools to try and solve the problem. After two weeks of unsuccessful attempts, the bank deployed Correlsense SharePath and quickly pinpointed the root of the problem. Read more…