Service Level Management Made Easy with Transaction Management

Service Level Management can be implemented effectively by using a transaction management solution. Review these key steps. Implementing Service Level Management successfully requires appropriate technology support. Service Level Management involves both business and IT processes that need to be carried out. Transaction… Read More

Transaction-Based Capacity Planning

Managing day-to-day IT operations is like piloting a large freightliner; some days, the trip can be smooth sailing. Other days are fraught with stress. Why is our e-commerce site slowing down at 11:00 pm every Thursday? How will… Read More

Enterprise Freemium: How Tech Startups Land Their First Customers

Peter Cohan of Daily Finance lists Correlsense as a company that uses the enterprise freemium model, which involves allowing customers to use part of the system at no charge, successfully. Click here to read the full article.

Transaction Management and Deep Dive

When an Enterprise finally gets the wakeup call when their applications are performing under par they start looking intoTransaction Monitoring (or Transaction Tracking/Tracing) solutions. One type of solution is the “Deep Dive” Java/.NET solution which is defined as those solutions that use Bytecode Instrumentations (or Java/.NET Hooks) in order to collect thorough code level metrics for J2EE/.NET experts. These Application Performance Management solutions are used throughout the entire lifecycle of the product; they are a strong tool for the developer, but a very weak tool for the production environment since they are unable to monitor all of the transactions on all tiers all the time due to very high overhead. Read more…