End-to-End Transaction Monitoring

End-to-end transaction monitoring solutions should monitor all of the infrastructure’s components, yet some solutions only monitor one part of the bigger picture. The term “end-to-end” relative to transaction monitoring is very over-used. End-to-end Website monitoring, end-to-end server performance… Read More

Java Bytecode Instrumentation and Transaction Tracing

Imagine you want to debug your code, or better yet, profile your code during run time. Bytecode instrumentation (BCI) (see my last post) is a perfect solution, since by using BCI an external tool can add code to… Read More

Correlsense Continues to Make Headway in Crowded BTM Space

Dennis Callaghan mentions new development at Correlsense on the 451 Research website, a division of the leading global analyst and data company focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation. Click here to read the full article.

Correlsense Makes Finding a Needle in a Haystack Easy

Tom Trainer, a Network Computing blogger, talks about SharePath with one of our customers, GAINSCO Insurance. In his opinion, SharePath makes finding a bottleneck in real time, or “the needle in a haystack” as he calls it, easy.

Service Level Management – The Game

Service level management doesn’t have to be so difficult. Read this article on how SharePath can visualize all application transactions. In Sturm, Morris and Jander’s book, “Foundations of Service Level Management,” service level management (SLM) was defined as… Read More

Correlsense: Improve Service in 2011 by Managing 'Virtually' Every Transaction

Correlsense technology consultant Byrne Chapman writes about the increased importance of transaction management in providing a road map for delivering exceptional service and lowering costs. Click here to read the full article.