Correlsense Announces SharePath Version 2.0

Correlsense, a leading provider of transaction management solutions, today announced the availability of SharePath Version 2.0, which enables IT personnel to effectively manage the change inherent in today’s dynamic and complex IT environments. SharePath’s advanced automatic modeling, analytics and visualization capabilities transform transaction management data into actionable knowledge, ensuring end-users are not negatively affected by new application rollouts, code-pushes, patches, migrations and configuration changes. Read more…

Doctor IT

Is your IT system experiencing problems? IT systems today are extremely complex and it can be hard to isolate the causes of performance problems and bottlenecks. When users complain about slow response time, or when servers crash, hang… Read More

New Website, Same Customer Commitment

Hello- In the past 5 years, Correlsense has rapidly grown since our early days when Lanir and I were called upon to solve the most difficult IT problems. Often we walked into war room situations to find a problem that… Read More

Transaction Management and the End-User Experience

Nir Livni, Vice President of Products at Correlsense, writes an article for APM Digest about Business Service Management and the importance of including transaction management in this package in order to increase end-user satisfaction. Click here to read… Read More

The Importance of Understanding the Transaction Behavior

One of my chores at home as a husband is doing the food shopping (I also take out the trash, play with the kids, and even cook Saturday evening dinner – truly husband of the year!). Food shopping… Read More

Boston Web Performance Meetup

Are your apps slow, but you don’t really know why or where to start? Know how end-user monitoring can identify bottlenecked services and pages. Isolate problems between the browser, network and data center. Analyze behavior over time and spot trends by time of day and geography so you’re in better control of your web performance optimization. The discussion will include a live demo and will reference real use cases. Read more…

Correlsense SharePath Realtime User Monitoring

ZDNet blogger Dan Kusnetzky speaks with Correlsense CEO Oren Elias about SharePath. Click here to read the full article.

CMG in the Clouds

April fool’s day this year brought with it the Rocky Mountain Computer Measurement Group (CMG) conference. This is the best view of any CMG show I have been at: David Halbig from First Data Corp. (also the guy who organizes… Read More