APM Supports All Other IT Functions

Last week, in “What’s In? What’s Out? …“, “Sky’s the limit …“, and “Start your cloud journey in the right direction” the “Real User Monitoring” blog focused on definition of good targets for an organization’s application performance management… Read More

Essential Strategies for Oracle Forms 11 Modernization and Performance Management

What are the best practices for migrating your legacy Forms environment to 11g? How will you meet end user performance expectations? How will you ensure application performance before, during and after modernization? Read more…

TechnoPolitics Podcast: Big Data Has Big Place In IT Ops

The intersection of big data with IT operations will be crucial in the coming years. IT Ops pros need smart tools which can aggregate the performance of all their applications, or else they may drown in data: A… Read More

15 Top Reasons Why APM Deployments Fail | APMdigest: Where …

One way to ensure your APM deployment is successful is to ensure the platform can be installed and configured by IT Operations. You need to make sure the tool can be installed and configured fast, which will reduce TCO… Read More

Enterprise IT at a Crossroads

This blog post in the IT Pro mentions how SaaS, cloud, virtualization and other big trends are putting enterprise IT at a tipping point. With these complex technologies application performance management will play a bigger role: There’s no… Read More

Defining dual-persona mobile application management

Brian Madden’s blog discusses the importance of mobile application management. With the increased adoption of mobile application adoption, the importance of monitoring the mobile end user experience will only grow more important: For several months now, I’ve been… Read More

Tech skills: Is it getting harder to keep up? What does it mean for IT Operations?

This article in Tech Republic articulates how the pace of change in technology makes it harder for IT professionals to keep up. What will this overall impact have on IT Operations? They must continuously use news skills, tools… Read More

What’s In? What’s Out in the World of Application Monitoring?

What are the limits to APM (application performance management)? In postings like yesterday’s “Sky’s the limit …”, the “Real User Monitoring Blog” consistently argues that we need to look at APM inclusively. Well-done APM accounts for networking, storage, and servers; it occupies a strategic position in the organization; it encompasses perspectives from the deeply technical to the utterly subjective; it understands not only J2EE and one particular database, but also .NET and several alternative data repositories; and so on. Read more…

Gartner's Top 10 tech trends for 2013: Big Data and Cloud

Gartner recently released their list of the top 10 tech trends for next year. In the mix is cloud computing and strategic big data. In these two areas particularly, application performance management will play a crucial role: First… Read More

IT Change Mismanagement: 3 Common Worst Practices to Avoid in IT Operations

My last two posts have dealt with best practices in the realm of IT change management. I was thinking of my next topic while waiting for a delayed flight and was reading “The Ultimate Book of Heroic Failures”… Read More

Gartner Keynote: Cisco CEO Chambers speaks out

This ComputerWorld article summarizes a conversation with Cisco CEO at the Gartner symposium. The key point for the IT operations is this: “The role of an IT person needs to change more than the role of a CIO does.”… Read More

Amazon outage started small, snowballed into 12-hour event

This article in Network World details the 12 hour outage AWS recently experience. This goes to show how important end user experience monitoring is. You need to track 100% of user transactions which allows you to stop performance… Read More

Sky’s the limit: strategic APM

Perhaps the hardest single thing to understand about application performance management (APM) is how far we still are from making the most of it. First, “… this is no longer tactical stuff deep in IT. APM is now… Read More

BLOG: The Convergence of Network Performance Monitoring and Application Performance Management

This blog post in CIO Asia discusses the intersection of Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) and Application Performance Management (APM). The main point is that traditional performance management tools are now insufficient because the focus on either the infrastructure… Read More

Oracle: No Future Need for Mega Scale Cloud Data Centers

Do you agree with Oracle’s assertion that we will not need large scale data centers moving forward? Will vertical IT integration, from the database to middleware to the application, be the norm for IT Operations? Oracle President Mark… Read More

Progressive Research : How Application Performance Monitoring Becomes Management

Jonah Kowall, Gartner analyst, comments on the tie between application performance monitoring, application delivery controllers (ADC), and content distribution networks (CDNs). In research published last night we explore some of the ways that monitoring can move towards management…. Read More

DevOps Role Continues Growth: Is it Here to Stay?

With DevOps continuing to grow, the importance of having all IT stakeholders and the business units working off the same set of reliable performance data will be crucial to success: In the dynamic world of technology, jobs evolve… Read More

The Second Key to IT Change Management: Understanding The Impact of Application Changes

Today, I’m going to expand on this point by discussing the impact of application changes to IT stakeholders. Clearly, any smart, curious and capable IT pro will want a complete understanding of the application changes they’re making. The key issue however is to understand the impact before pushing them live into production. Also, thanks to the law of unforeseen consequences, a worthy goal should be to minimize any surprises. Read more…

Application Bloat Costs Millions

“‘Application Bloat’ Costs Businesses Millions, Survey Says” is a headline that just appeared this week. My experience with surveys leaves me very wary about the correspondence between what the respondents had in mind when answering, and the conclusions drawn Read more…

What Does Operations-Centric vs Developer-Centric APM Mean to You?

The pace of change in today’s IT world is truly astonishing. The traditional roles and descriptions between various IT roles have been blurred. In today’s complex IT environments, Development, Application Support, and IT Operations collaborate often to ensure application service levels are met. Operations, traditionally, relied on siloed monitoring tools to figure out how the infrastructure support applications. However, a new and emerging approach called ops-centric APM claims to provide horizontal visibility into transaction’s performance across all the silos that support applications. All the way from the desktop, down to the database and to the application code. In this series of posts, I’ll examine the subtleties of the ops-centric APM approach compared with developer centric APM, and what it means for IT. Read more…