Larger realities of energy in the datacenter

I’m with Arthur Cole: as important as cost and “the environment” are in design and operation of datacenters, they remain subordinate to “data and application performance”. That’s why he recently wrote, “Green IT for Better Application Performance“. The… Read More

Enterprise Architecture state and causes in ten points

What is the current state of Enterprise Architecture? For one, complexity reigns supreme and is making day to day life for IT more difficult EA becomes as such a competitive advantage for the enterprise because it enables fixing… Read More

The efficiency of branch office IT

Just last week, “Application Monitor” argued for SDN (software-defined networking) as a trend to watch. One aspect of this trend is that “Network virtualization helps make branch offices more efficient”, of course. Read more…

How the software defined data center changes the virtualization game

How does the software defined data center impact virtualization and where does application monitoring fit in this equation? So, what truly defines the physical data center? Is it really defined by what we physically see when we step… Read More

Exploring application monitoring, delivery and networking in 'Modern Infrastructure'

The importance of application monitoring and delivery as well as key networking trends is explored in the new issues of ‘Modern Infrastructure’ In this month’s cover story, contributing editor David Strom takes on software-defined networking, the latest form… Read More

SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn: High Availability database for cloud data centers

In this tech republic piece, John Joyner explains how to deploy SQL Server AlwaysOn in a failover cluster without shared storage to achieve high availability SQL. It has traditionally been almost impossible to architect infrastructure-class, highly available (HA)… Read More

RUM only beginning its APM relationship

Application performance management (APM) has a lot to learn from real-user monitoring (RUM). Joshua Bixby argues the point at length in a recent posting, and he’s right: “RUM is really, really cool.” At the same time, though, “…… Read More

Can Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Liberate the Cloud?

How does service-oriented architecture (SOA) improve cloud integration? How does impact mobile based users and in term, application management? “With distributed-SOA clouds, enterprises could host components of applications in the cloud, use the cloud to add instances of… Read More

Gartner: Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) market to see sharp growth

The increase in platform-as-a-service (PaaS) will mean interesting developments for application performance management. If adoption of vendor driven technologies like SalesForce increase, the need to keep them SLA accountable will increase: The PaaS (platform as a service) market… Read More

Unmanaged virtualization riskier, costlier than physical

Virtualization creates a major need for application monitoring, otherwise, you may end up with costly mistakes. even though virtualization, on the surface, appears to cut down on the number of servers that need to be managed, the reality is… Read More

VARs a natural home for APM

Value-added resellers (VARs) and related companies including systems integrators, managed-service providers (MSPs), and original design manufacturers (ODMs) are adopting application performance management (APM). This is a healthy trend both for the VARs and their customers. As “No time… Read More

Green IT for Application Performance

How can you use green IT practices to boost application performance? Better data center management for one. Monitoring your infrastructure will allow to understanding where the unused capacity lies. IDC recently released a survey that claimed nearly 85… Read More

15 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between IT Operations and Business

Application performance management helps bridge the gap between IT Operations and business units by having 1 set of clear, reliable data. This list of 15 strategies confirms this view and offers some key insight for leaders in IT… Read More

As cloud's use expands, cloud SLAs more important than ever

This posts refers we’ve noticed for quite some time. As cloud based applications become more common, monitoring SLAs dilligently becomes even more important. Monitoring SLAs is one way to hold your vendors accountable. Recognizing the business value of… Read More

Why Automatic Configuration is Key to APM Success

In today’s increasingly complex IT world, change is the only constant. IT must be proactive in their performance management approach in order to succeed in such an environment. How do you stay proactive in you approach? One strategy is to employ tools which automatically adapt and configure to your environment. Otherwise, you may be left with monitoring blind spots. Read more…

Monitoring the Cloud – Cloud Monitoring for Application Management

This quick post discusses strategies and best practices for monitoring cloud based applications. Cloud monitoring introduces its own unique challenges which legacy APM solutions might not be in the best position to deal with: Cloud-based applications with poor… Read More

Aberdeen Publishes Reports on IT Security and Application Performance

One of my favorite APM analysts, Jim Rapoza of Aberdeen released a new report around application performance. The report looks at the steps companies are taking to address performance in real-time, the benefits they are gaining from this… Read More

Only 1 out of 5 top ecommerce sites uses Real User Monitoring. Why?

Interesting news from Web Performance Daily regarding the prevalence of real user monitoring in the ecommerce industry. This nonscientific poll suggests 1 in 5 large ecommerce sites rely on RUM. I believe this number will continue to grow… Read More

Four Indentities for IT Operations and CIOs

APMDigest highlights Gartner’s latest trends for the world of IT Operations. The integration between the business units and IT, which must be leveraged by the CIO, is among them. This integration will be served by application monitoring, which… Read More

No time to give up on APM

Even to write “give up” on the same line as “APM” (application performance management) feels prejudicial to me. Abandonment of the domain is what many readers will take away from Art Wittman‘s “What’s Killing APM“, though, and the… Read More