Gartner 2013 Software as a Service(SaaS) Predictions

We’ve heard a lot about SaaS (software as a service) this past year, what’s in store for 2013? In terms of SaaS management, monitoring solutions will play a pivotal role: Our 2013 Software as a Service (SaaS) predictions focus on… Read More

Three questions on navigating an outsourcing service level agreements (SLAs)

What are the best practices for managing service level agreements (SLAs)? How do you keep your vendor honest? How do you monitor them? This article from TechTarget shares an interesting perspective: A provider’s service level agreement (SLA) defines… Read More

The year in tech: it’s all about the cloud and SDNs

Everyone has been talking about the cloud and it’s various iterations: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. We’ve also heard of the promise of SDNs as well. What will this mean in 2013? Now that cloud computing and software defined… Read More

Looking Ahead at IT Spending Expectations in 2013: Application Monitoring

Application monitoring and management will continue to see large increases in spending in 2013, according to a recent survey of IT executives: Application and infrastructure services spending top the list. When asked which areas IT leaders expected spending… Read More

Web Performance Study

We recently came across an interesting web performance study which outlines why the end user experience and performance of applications is so vital: 1 second of delay can lead up to 7% in revenue risk You can find… Read More

Predictions for IT priorities and the cloud in 2013: Experts weigh in

What will be the IT priorities of 2013? Software defined datacenters, the increase in consumerization of IT, and BYOD are all among this list. We expect to see continuous growth in the APM market as well, both in… Read More

5 Ways To Stay Ahead Of Consumerization Of IT

With the emergence of BYOD, cloud, and mobile based applications, how are IT departments able to cope with the business needs of all of their end users? End to end application performance monitoring is a proactive strategy to… Read More

End-user mechanics of APM

Mainstream commentary on application performance management (APM) frustrates me often. Elaborations of “business alignment” or ambiguously-phrased surveys about categories of influence are too abstract for me–and they too often neglect the single dominant, almost “physical” fact that anchors consequential APM practice: Read more…

4 ways the fiscal cliff will impact CIOs

The fiscal cliff is predicted to have deleterious impacts on business across all industries. What does it mean for CIOs and the rest of IT staffs? America is abuzz with the talk of the impending financial calamity known… Read More

Anticipations: APM in 2013

You’ll want to read “13 APM Predictions for 2013“. It’s meaty. While I have deep reservations about the general tradition of end-of-the-year prediction pieces, a few publications make the best of the form. APMdigest is among these, largely… Read More

Boosting Visibility Into Complex Data Center Operations

With the increasing prevalence of virtualization and cloud computing, real-time visibility into data center operations becomes crucial. This is why APM which monitors end-to-end, through all infrastructure components is paramount: As more enterprises consolidate their data center environments… Read More

13 Application Performance Management (APM) Predictions for 2013

What does next year hold for application performance management? APM Digest just published their prediction piece which features a quote from our very own Lanir Shacham: With growing volumes of data flowing into the APM repositories, addressing business… Read More

Virtualizing business critical applications – the performance and capacity sizing problem

Enterprises continue to virtualize business critical applications at an increasing rate. What does this mean for performance and capacity planning? When going P2V, application performance management is crucial. You must know the performance data before and after migration… Read More

Application performance management should include packet capture

When it comes to application performance management packet capture is a crucial step to ensure successful end user monitoring, as it eliminates a lot of the guesswork: Packet capture is a critical part of any application performance management… Read More

APM future bright–if more focused

Commenters who claim APM is on the decline are mistaken. The need for APM is greater than ever, and good APM solutions are available. Read more…

Cloud Adopters Don't Know How to Measure Application Performance, Survey Says

Measuring application performance is crucial in cloud based environments. Unfortunately, most cloud adopters don’t have true performance data according to a survey released in APM Digest: More than two-thirds (70%) of respondents indicated that they are unaware of… Read More

Part Two: EMA Talks About Advanced Performance Analytics

Advanced performance analytics lies directly at the intersection of application monitoring, big data and other relevant trends in the IT space. The next generation of APM tools will focus on correlating the volume of performance data empowering IT… Read More

Three Bedrocks of Application Performance Management (APM)

Application performance management is still grounded in the testing phase for those who work in development. Aberdeen points to several findings including quick and successful adoption of applications by end users was consistently marked by methods such as… Read More

R.I.P. APM? (Application Performance Management Software)

Where do we currently stand in the evolution of application performance management software? We’ve said time and again that legacy APM solutions are the ones facing extermination. APM solutions with full end to end transaction tracing capabilities  with low… Read More

Application Performance Management (APM) for HPC

Everybody needs APM (application performance management): that’s the high-level message that its zealots, like Aberdeen Senior Research Analyst Jim Rapoza, rightly repeat. That universality can obscure, though, how APM fits in particular situations–especially in an information technology (IT)… Read More