Application Monitoring Software – Essential for Critical and Sensitive Data Applications

To say application monitoring software is necessary for online business success would be an understatement. The fact is, monitoring tools are absolutely indispensable. When networks and applications fail, it is a disaster. Staff and customers cannot communicate with… Read More

IT Operations Analytics vs. APM Part 3

Will IT Operations Analytics Platforms Replace APM Suites? Will Cappelli of Gartner is examining this question in his latest work. Effectively correlating transactional data is how APM products will avoid replacement: One is the fact that at the… Read More

Correlsense Announces Ed Perry as Vice President of Sales, North America

Correlsense, a leading provider of application performance management software, announced that Ed Perry has joined the company as Vice President of Sales, North America. Read more…

Fluke rolls application performance monitoring and network monitoring

Application performance monitoring and network monitoring have been converging at an alarming rate. One cause is the increasing complexity of IT environments. The cause of this complexity includes: the proliferation of cloud and virtualization, the diversity/volume of devices… Read More

IT Operations Strategies: 5 steps for evaluating your IT infrastructure

IT operations are under constant pressure when evaluating the components of an IT infrastructure. Cloud, mobile and big data have made it even more complicated. These strategies provide key insights into streamlining processes: In the pursuit of optimized… Read More

How to manage big data overload

Increasingly, enterprises will become victims or champions because of their big data policies. Advanced APM analytics is one way to avoid big data overload. Correlating data from your most important transactions allows IT operations and business stakeholders alike… Read More

IT Operations Analytics vs. APM Part 2

Will IT Operations Analytics Platforms Replace APM Suites? Will Cappelli of Gartner is examining this question in his latest work. Effectively correlating transactional data is how APM products will avoid replacement: There are some people saying they can… Read More

Big Data Perceptions: Good, Bad And Ugly

We’ve all read the headlines about how big data — however you choose to define it — will make the world a better place. Indeed, gleaning insights from growing stockpiles of digital information is a worthy goal, and… Read More

Virtualize Everything

Be on the lookout! Anything in information technology (IT) that hasn’t been virtualized already is a target for abstraction. This series certainly assumes host virtualization, and has already discussed virtualization of the other key computing elements: storage and… Read More

Migrating Business Critical Applications to the Cloud

Migrating business critical applications to the cloud is not a project which can be done on a whim without serious strategic thought. Application performance management tools offer an insurance policy of sorts, they give you the visibility into… Read More

IT Operations Analytics vs. APM

Will IT Operations Analytics Platforms Replace APM Suites? Will Cappelli of Gartner is examining this question in his latest work. We e Effectively correlating transactional data In one sense, non-analytic APM tools will continue to generate more and… Read More

Application virtualization comparison: XenApp vs. ThinApp vs. App-V

Application virtualization clearly adds to the complexity of your overall enterprise environment. It is important to remember that performance and end user experience should serve as key metrics when planning virtualization initiatives: When it comes to virtual desktop… Read More

Mobile applications are a priority in search of a leader

According to a recent survey, consumers are not happy with the performance of the “mega vendors” when it comes to solutions for mobile applications. This is one area where application performance management vendors while have to focus on… Read More

Character Traits for Success in APM

The most important determinants to success of application performance management (APM) projects are attitude and discipline. That’s my experience, at least. We don’t have a refined scientific theory of APM projects yet, in the sense that physics does… Read More

Reasons to pursue a multi-cloud strategy

Cloud has been discussed ad nauseum for the past several years. But how do you ensure expectations are met when moving to cloud-based services? Some argue for a multi-cloud strategy to reduce risks: even if your cloud provider… Read More

5 Opportunities In Enterprise Infrastructure For 2013: Application Monitoring

Among the list of 5 opportunities in enterprise infrastructure was application monitoring. Followers of our industry news segments and blogs have noticed this trend for awhile. It is now a mainstream business concern as technolical complexity make application… Read More

5 IT Operations Challenges – and 1 Main Cause

A new survey details the main challenges facing IT Operations. Among them: amount of time spent troubleshooting application outages, problems are only discovered when users complain about them, and the classic war room scenario: IT Operations teams spend… Read More

Not all Distribution Networks are the same: ADN vs. CDN

I’ve misled readers, and it’s past time to straighten things out. ADNs are not the same as CDNs. Start with definitional glosses: “ADN” generally signifies “application delivery network”; “CDN” stands for “content delivery network” or “content distribution network”…. Read More

Forgotten scaling: the role of APM in customer support

“Application Monitor generally emphasizes the necessity of application performance management (APM): make good use of APM, or lose vital customers. Let’s consider the alternatives and consequences in a more sophisticated way, where the choices shade beyond “black” and… Read More

DB2 Java Application Performance: Monitoring and SQL Improvements

What are the keys to improving Java application performance? The following techniques will help you monitor, improve and streamline your DB2 Java application performance. As your Java workload continues to grow, your application monitoring and SQL performance needs… Read More