Non-traditional APM multiplies profits

IT Ops frequently emphasizes that successful application performance management (APM) follows careful analysis of requirements. There’s a positive message in that we often neglect: APM belongs lots of places it hasn’t been used yet. Over the last year,… Read More

What the iPhone 5 Taught Me About Customer Experience

In the last year I have written several blog posts about improving application speed and overall IT performance (and I promise, it has not been solely at the request of the Marketing team). I am simply obsessed with… Read More

The downsides of a software-defined infrastructure

We’ve heard a lot of discussion around the benefits of the software defined data center. But what about potential drawbacks? How will this complexity manifest itself to IT operations and development? This article share many thought-provoking points: Eric… Read More

Optimize Application Performance During PaaS Migrations

I know many of our readers must be sick of the “cloud computing” hype by now. If you’ve only heard the discussion from the point of view of some IT bloggers, marketers, and vendors you’d be led to believe the cloud is all benefit with few costs or risks associated with it. The reality for IT Operations and Development teams stuck with the task of implementing cloud based services is much different. Read more…

Building a Management Stack for Your SDN

Although data center virtualization and software defined data centers offer many benefits. The new technical requirements create several management issues which should be closely monitored: Data Center Virtualization has spawned several entirely new categories and variants of management… Read More

Recent Report on Application Performance Monitoring

A recent report on application performance monitoring by Aberdeen Group highlighted a shift in application development and raised some interesting questions. Particularly, how are organization able to properly and effectively monitor application performance? Our friends at Heroix have… Read More

Application Control: How to Detect Performance Bottlenecks

Taking full control of you applications with proactive monitoring principles is the only way to detect and prevent performance bottlenecks. Monitoring CPU utilization is no longer enough. the complexity of today’s applications present significant challenges to IT: However,… Read More

When Data and Applications Come Together: Specific Performance Opportunities

Last week, in “Bring Data and Applications Practices Together for Best Performance”, I mentioned that specific technical choices about how to host and code a computation can easily ” Read more…

Strategies for Securing Availability and Optimizing Application Performance in the Cloud

See below for a recording of an online seminar and slide deck from RedHat and Correlsense that presents a technical session in order to learn how to gain deep insight and visibility into the performance characteristics of applications hosted on… Read More

Information Technology – No Longer "Stable and Precise"?

Information Technology is changing at a frenetic pace, and although it may sound cliche, it is still the truth. Dennis Drogseth of EMA examines the industry wide transformation: A business ecosystem – in many cases a single business… Read More

Application Performance in a “Cloudy” World

Application performance monitoring for cloud based applications is certainly challenging. The amount of organizations moving their services off premise makes APM more important than ever. Julie Craig from EMA examines how to make APM succeed in a cloudy… Read More

IT Operations Unsatisfied with APM and BSM, Survey Says

A new survey points to the disappointment of IT operations with their traditional application performance monitoring (APM) and business service monitoring (BSM) solutions. Couple this news with the expected growth predicted by industry analysts and the future may… Read More

APM – Not Dead Yet

Lately, we’ve been hearing several discussions regarding the future of APM (application performance management). Many experts have pointed to the promise of IT analytics in replacing some of the traditional products. But what is the long term future… Read More

VBCA: Big Risks, Big Rewards in the Cloud

“VBCA” (virtualization of business-critical applications) is an unlikely-looking initialism which a few companies and analysts want you to recognize. Start here: Read more…

Bring Data and Applications Practices Together for Best Performance

Science vs. humanities. Mac vs. PC. East vs. West. Jay-Z vs. LL. Divides between “Two Cultures” abound. One of them particularly matters to performance management, though, because it has such a direct impact and because, with effort, it can be at least partially bridged: data vs. application. Read more…

Brands Lose Up to 20% of Revenue Due to Poor Customer Experience

Poor customer experience leads to lost revenue for your business. It is that simple. Customer experience management plays a vital roll to providing a streamlined process. Furthermore, application performance management gives the business the capability to learn specific… Read More

Quality independent trade publication endorses importance of APM

InformationWeek (IW) just published a February special issue on application performance management (APM). You’ll want to read it. Read more…

Big Data too often Bad Data

Big Data is a bubble. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong–just fragile and oversold. A few concrete examples illustrate the problem. Teach him … epistemology There’s plenty to like about Big Data; that’s already been well-publicized. Big Data’s advance… Read More

"Technical debt" in modern business

Software matters. It matters enough to be the focus of a good popularization such as Leo Kelion’s “Why banks are likely to face more software glitches in 2013“, from BBC News. It’s more than just banks, it’s more… Read More

5 Steps to Improve Customer Experience Management

Improving your business’s customer experience management is vital to future success, regardless of the industry. Which firms are actually making headway though? This survey has some interesting results: Based on a global survey of more than 1,300 senior… Read More