IT as competitive advantage: A CEO advises CIOs on keeping relevant

With complexities and challenges growing in IT, CIOs must be much more strategic to stay relevant in the overall business. Read more…

Application Response Time: New Findings Say Typical leading European commerce site takes 7.04 seconds to load

Website speed and application response time are becoming crucial problems for European commerce sites. A new report says the median page load time was over 7 second! The importance of website monitoring and application performance management will certainly… Read More

Public Cloud Reality: Do We Stay or Do We Go?

The public vs private cloud debate is one that most enterprises are facing these day. Moving all of your business critical services to the cloud at the onset is not a winning strategy. Moving back and forth, mixing… Read More

Network World Names SharePath as Product of the Week for 3.18.13

SharePath by Correlsense was mentioned in Network World’s “Products of the Week.” This was due to our specific real user monitoring capabilities for native mobile applications. Read more…

Getting Testing and Application Performance Monitoring to Work in Concert

Application performance monitoring should not serve as a reactive solution, it should be incorporated in concert with the entire application delivery cycle. By monitoring during the testing phase and in production, you will have the complete picture of… Read More

Lawsuit Provides Peek Behind Curtain of Online Financial Transactions

Judge the importance of GENESCO v VISA not by the $13+ million protested, or the $40 billion Business Insider estimates credit card companies gross annually in transaction fees. What’s really in play are trillions of dollars every few months worldwide in mediated payments and transfers. This peek behind the curtain of online financial transactions is stunning. Read more…

Dissatisfaction Grows with Legacy Application Performance Management and BSM Tools

Business service management and legacy application performance management (APM) tools are becoming increasingly unpopular due to their inability to effectively monitor today’s complex applications. Furthermore, IT operations desire analytics that report application problems in a business context, as opposed to… Read More

Correlsense offers monitoring for native mobile applications

There have been several companies that announced monitoring for native mobile applications over the past few days and the marketing messaging between vendors can be quite confusing. However, there are some clear distinctions between true end-to-end monitoring from a… Read More

IT Operations News: How Many IT Professionals Does it Take to Fix an Issue?

IT Operations still spend countless hours dealing with unexpected performance issues. This speaks to the true need and value of application performance monitoring. Proactive monitoring helps anticipate such performance problems and allows IT to gain these lost hours… Read More

March Madness Coming to IT Operations

As March Madness rolls around, IT Operations are going to be under significant pressure to keep application performance and SLAs at an acceptable level. Research suggests the amount of high-bandwidth activities on company networks is on pace to… Read More

Service Oriented IT Operations: A Framework for Improved Service Delivery

It’s tough to be strategic when your pants are on fire. This is what a senior IT leader at HP remarked when he was discussing the day-to-day realties of IT Operations. This is when a service-oriented approach to… Read More

How Crucial is Application Response Time to Your Online Gaming Enterprise?

Online gaming enterprises, by definition, rely heavily upon the performance of their websites and customer-facing applications. This fact is inherently obvious to those who work in the industry. The largest firms spend significant time and resources not only ensuring optimal performance, but providing engaging customer service when things do in fact go wrong. Given the nature of the business, I was surprised to see the results of a recent survey on website performance for online gaming firms in the UK. The results were interesting for several reasons. Read more…

Moving Legacy Applications to the Cloud

Moving legacy applications to the cloud may seem counterintuitive at first blush. However, the best way do so is to implement application monitoring… Read more…

New Reports on Enterprise Mobility, Application Performance, IT Infrastructure/Virtualization Research

The Aberdeen Group today announced the publication of new research reports from its Enterprise Mobility and Collaboration, Networking and Application Performance, and IT Infrastructure/Virtualization and the Cloud research practices. APM expert Jim Rapoza’s latest piece delves into the growth… Read More

Building a DevOps Bridge to the APM Future

Application Performance Management (APM) platforms most be implemented into an organization correctly to bring positive ROI. Having a common tool that both developers and IT operations can use creates a”DevOps Bridge.” This allows both sides of the IT… Read More

Windows functions make for better SQL

SQL’s window functions are among my favorite techniques for boosting the readability and maintainability of database-backed applications. In many practical cases they also multiply performance of individual queries by a factor of ten or more. No, it truly… Read More

Gartner Identifies Top Technology Trends Impacting Information Infrastructure in 2013

Gartner identified the major trends which will impact information infrastructures in 2013. Included are Big Data, the role of the “Chief Data Officer,” and NoSQL DBMSS: Information is one of the four powerful forces changing the way business… Read More

Where does virtualization stop and the cloud start?

In today’s IT landscape the distinction between cloud and virtualization can be distorted by nebelous marketing messaging. When it comes to monitoring applications, understanding the subtle technical difficulties is crucial for driving IT service delivery: we could conclude… Read More

7 Steps to Coping with IT Chaos

The growing complexity of enterprise IT has made day to operations much more difficult for IT pros. Dennis Drogseth of EMA research shared some best practices to help cope with the IT chaos: In my last column —… Read More

IT as a Service: Not Just for a Cloud

As company’s and vendors cloud wash all aspects of IT,  IT decision makers need to step back and look at their entire sytem and decide how we want to get to the cloud (if we want to get… Read More