What is Application Analytics?

Performance monitoring has traditionally meant setting a threshold then sending alerts when those thresholds are exceeded. Analytics is more sophisticated: it borrows from the techniques of data-mining techniques to establish norms in application performance and then points out… Read More

Correlsense Announces New Round of Venture Funding

New investment will fund accelerated product development schedule and continued growth of worldwide sales operations. Read more…

NSA Data Center Winks Off

Edward Snowden was recently catapulted into international notoriety, when this former NSA consultant revealed that the US Government is reading your email, looking at your Facebook pictures, scanning your Microsoft SkyDrive documents, and listening in on international conversations… Read More

Netflix’s Emmy and its Simian Army

Netflix recently upset the status quo when their in-house series “House of Cards,” starring Kevin Spacey, shoved aside offerings from the networks and cable channels to win the Emmy Award for Best Director.  Hollywood studios and television executives,… Read More

Real-Time APM for a Smooth Flight into Cloudy Skies

Cloud adoption is accelerating in the corporate sector as businesses exploit the new paradigm shift to enhance productivity and reduce costs while maintaining continuous availability of their IT services and products to end users. However, leveraging cloud services to achieve maximum business value requires thorough understanding of the cloud economy and APM. Read more…

The Market Heats Up: Top IT Skills for 2014

Even as the government shutdown threatens to derail the American economy, IT continues to clamor for engineers and other IT pros. Network World has compiled a list of 8 IT skills that have the highest demand.  Read more…

How to Convey Bad News

Performance is measured in response time and throughput. But what happens when response time falls off and you must convey the bad news to the customer, whether they be internal (i.e., corporate functions that your systems support) or external (i.e., cloud services you offer to other companies)? Read more…