Cloud Definitions and Service Providers – Part 2

Continuing with our series of cloud computing, here we give some basic definitions of cloud computing concepts and describe some of the cloud vendors. What is not a Cloud? For purposes of our discussion here, we can consider… Read More

What is the Cloud? – Part 1

So many vendors are rushing to put the name “cloud” on their offering that one wonders who has something truly new to offer and who has changed nothing but the marketing. The concept is a few years old… Read More

Five Lessons from the Launch

The rollout of the web site in October was a … pick your word. Disaster. Outrage. Embarrassment. Difficult. Suboptimal. Supporters of Obamacare are concerned. Opponents are experiencing a frisson of Schadenfreude. Whatever your political views, there are some important lessons to be learned for IT professionals. The launch is not the only example of a deployment gone bad. In the last two decades, private corporations have seen many failed projects.
 Read more…

Mitigate DOS Attacks on the Data Center

There is much that a data center can do to protect their servers against virus security threats, but DOS (denial of service) attacks are much harder to defeat. When one’s web site is under attack, how is one… Read More

Performance Monitoring in the Cloud

What financial incentive does your cloud vendor have to tell you that there are performance issues with their servers? Not much. Read more…

Use SSL Decryption to see what is flowing in to the Data Center

SSL provides benefits to the end user and a potential threat to the data center.
Users who want to access their bank account need to be sure that no one who is reading their password or bank account information. Banks provide that security by using SSL encryption on the authenticating portion of their web site. Read more…