Digging Deeper into Analytics

SharePath captures transaction data from many applications, programming languages, and network components. It auto-aggregates all dimensions of many millions of individual transaction paths in real time. The product creates over 180 different analytic views of the data at… Read More

Target Targeted

As we have said several times, application performance and security are two sides of the same coin. The week before Christmas was an interesting one.  Target admitted that hackers had stolen 40 million credit and debit card numbers. … Read More

Fuel Cell Backup Generators

Application performance is a many-headed thing. Ultimately application software executes on servers and these reside in data centers. So how do the hosting centers perform? Many companies want to operate, or at least market themselves, as green companies…. Read More

Correlsense – Now Top 50 Leader in IT Operations Analytics

FRAMINGHAM, MA – December 19, 2013 – Correlsense announced today that it has been selected as an ITOA50, which recognizes the top 50 leading vendors in IT Operations Analytics (ITOA). Announced by the ITOA Landscape, the ITOA50 identifies the… Read More

Who has their Fingers in the Google Cookie Jar?

The Washington Post revealed last week that the NSA is using Google browser cookies to discover personal identities. In the case of someone they want to investigate, the NSA can inject software on the remote computer to continuously… Read More

What Software do I need to Patch?

One of the key issues in Enterprise APM is the breadth of infrastructure. Today, few companies run their whole business on browsers, servers, and the web. In most, there are new applications, legacy applications, packaged applications, and composite… Read More

Encrypting Data in Transit

The headlines this week are that Microsoft has joined Google and Yahoo in plans to encrypt data over their internal networks. Edward Snowden revealed that the US National Security Agency (NSA) tapped data traveling in clear text from… Read More

Will Java Mission Control Replace Developer APM Tools?

IT professionals have a lot to think about. Let’s add two more thoughts to their queue. Are they wasting money on language-specific application performance monitoring tools? Will these developer-specific tools be replaced by Open Source software that is… Read More

Microsoft Azure

Remember when all things were Microsoft? The company was a monopoly and a ruthless one at that. How many companies did Microsoft drive into bankruptcy, gobble up, or render their software irrelevant: Netscape. Real Media. IBM’s OS/2. Lotus. American Off-Line. Sybase. Hotmail. Read more…

Cyber Monday – Friend or Foe?

Cyber Monday is one of the largest revenue generating days for e-commerce companies. In fact, online sales were at a record high this past Monday. An analysis by Comscore, Inc. puts total online revenue at $2 billion, the… Read More

NSA Spying Will Cut Cloud Provider Sales

A recent New York Times article says that Berlin has become a haven for those fleeing the reach of the British and American intelligence services. The documentary film maker who helped Edward Snowden leak documents from Hong Kong has moved there, advised by her attorney’s not to return to England. A WikiLeaks press spokesman lives there as well. After a visit by a German congressman to see Snowden in Russia, there is speculation that Berlin might become home to the man himself. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft might also want to set up shop there to prevent their cloud customers from dropping their services. Software-as-a-Service vendors face a similar problem. Read more…