Live Webcast: Guarantee Peak Performance from TriZetto

TriZetto® is the gold standard in healthcare software. Join us for a FREE webcast to learn how to get maximum performance from your Facets™, QNXT™, and CareAdvance software. If you are using these applications now, upgrading to a new version, or simply evaluating them, performance is critical to meeting your employee, subscriber, and provider expectations.
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Intel Performance Counter Monitor

If you want to know what each core on each CPU in your system is doing, you need a more sophisticated tool than the Windows Performance Monitor. Intel offers a tool that you can download and compile to get core-level CPU information. This is the Intel Performance Counter Monitor. It works on Windows and Linux.
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Michaels Retailer Loses 3 Million Credit Cards

This week, as in many occasions in the past, there is news of a massive theft of credit card data. This time it is the retailer Michaels, who lost 3 million credit cards. I don’t say “stolen,” I say “lost,” because anyone still using magnetic card readers (i.e., most of America) has only themselves to blame for that. Cards protected with a pin or chip are worthless on the black market, because the card number by itself is not sufficient to make a purchase. Because of the disaster at Target, that retailer is moving to the European and Latin American type card readers, which are much more secure, because they authenticate using a pin or the chip on the card.

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Using the Windows Performance Monitor to monitor Processors

Here we give a brief overview of processor performance monitoring with the Microsoft Performance monitor. The Windows Performance monitor (perfmon) is a tool that you can use to take a look at an individual Windows server. It is including with Windows 2008 and other versions of Windows. Read more…

CIOsynergy in Chicago

Correlsense is a sponsor of CIOsynergy in Chicago on May 29th. Join us for this one-day executive event that provides a unique venue to bring together leaders in enterprise IT. More than100 top IT leaders will discuss the… Read More

The Heartbeat Bug

By now you have heard about the Heartbeat security issue with OpenSSL. Here we are going to describe what exactly the problem is and how it affects Apache and Nginx web servers. Read more…

How Malware Actually Infects the Computer

People know that phishing lets hackers invade computers using drive by downloads. But how does this actually work? Let’s look at one example. This is how Malware actually infects the computer. Recently Microsoft released this security advisory: * Microsoft… Read More

Yorkshire Building Society Deploying Correlsense Software

The UK’s Second Largest Building Society will use Correlsense Software to Monitor Performance of Corporate and Branch Office Applications Framingham, Mass. – April 16, 2014 – Correlsense, the leading enterprise Application Performance Management (APM) company, today announced that Yorkshire… Read More

Use the Nginx Proxy and Web Server to Boost Performance

Nginx is said to be fast. Apache is said to be powerful. For that reason Nginx is often used to serve up static content while Apache and other servers are given the work that requires heavy lifting. Nginx… Read More

Security – the Insider Threat

The military and intelligence communities are taking measures to keep a closer eye on their own employees in the wake of the massive loss of data taken by Private Bradley Manning and NSA contractor Edward Snowden. You would… Read More

White Hat Hackers

A white hat hacker is a company or individual that probes your network and computers to look for weaknesses. They try to breach the security of your systems and gain access to your computers. The goal is to show how your systems can be breached, so that you can then fix any gaps that they find. What they find would show that certain systems need patching (operating systems plus software), that you might need to boost employee training, and that you might need to change system audit and logging policies and install new software or network appliances or change the configuration in what you already have. Read more…

Performance Issues with Android Mobile Apps

In this post, we are not concerned so much with how fast mobile apps respond. Rather we are going to write about how they can run down the battery, exhaust the memory on the mobile device, or just… Read More

End of Net Neutrality

Over the last several weeks, the idea that everyone should have equal access to internet bandwidth has become part of history. Traditionally the public internet adhered closely to the principle of “net neutrality.” This means that data packets… Read More