2016: More than Half of Mobile Applications Deployed Will be Hybrid

In the not to distant future, most mobile applications will be of the hybrid variety. This means they will be balanced on HTML5 and native. What does this means for IT operations? First and foremost, having tools which can detect problems within these applications should be a primary concern. The ability to monitor native mobile applications is a capability only a few application performance management tools have at the moment. We expect this will be on the wish list of IT operations very shortly.

Gartner, Inc. said that hybrid apps, which offer a balance between HTML5-based web apps and native apps, will be used in more than 50 percent of mobile apps by 2016. While native application development offers the ultimate user experience and performance for mobile applications, the trade-off is often a fragmented set of development tools and multiple versions of an application to serve the same user need – because different versions must be made for each type of device or operating system.

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