SharePath 4.0 Delivers Improved Search And New Features That Empower Enterprise IT Customers

Correlsense SharePath software enables organizations to efficiently isolate problems in real-time and deliver customer value by ensuring that all critical applications perform effectively. We talked with Founder and CEO of Correlsense, Lanir Shacham about recently released SharePath 4.0… Read More

Buzzwords – No Need to be Terrified

The first time I felt embarrassed about not knowing something in my field was back in 2000. I was a junior web developer at Partner Communications and all of a sudden wherever you went, you would hear those 3 magic letters – XML. Read more…

Automating Docker Container Monitoring

In my previous blog post (APMing docker-contained applications), I discussed two ways to approaching the monitoring of software running inside docker containers: Internal – all the monitoring software components run inside the monitored container. Shared agent – there… Read More