About Correlsense

Board of Directors 

Correlsense is the leading enterprise application performance management (APM) company. We deliver customer value by ensuring that all business-critical applications perform effectively. Our SharePath software enables business and IT teams to efficiently isolate and diagnose performance problems in real time and provides in-depth analytics to promote continuous improvements in both performance and user experience. We monitor applications that span mobile, SaaS, cloud, data center and legacy mainframes. Correlsense is privately held and our customers include some of the world’s largest financial, telecom, healthcare and transportation firms.

Correlsense’s SharePath monitors business performance and tracks every transaction through each hop in the data center to rapidly pinpoint and resolve applications that crash, hang or are simply too slow. SharePath provides a breakthrough in enterprise IT application performance management by enabling both a bird’s-eye and a detailed view of how transactions perform across multiple tiers in the data center. Unlike other solutions that are application-specific or that only conduct random samplings, SharePath continuously monitors 100-percent of transactions across all applications. Easy to deploy and maintain, SharePath is used to resolve business performance issues, minimize the risks associated with new service rollouts, optimize applications to allow a better user experience and to improve the capacity planning process.