Application Monitoring for Healthcare – eClinicalWorks


Application Monitoring for Healthcare – eClinicalWorks

Background Information

Application Monitoring for Healthcare – A large US healthcare organization offers a wide variety of medical services and healthcare options for their patients. It strives to provide healthcare systems that will securely, affordably and seamlessly connect them with premier medicine and unrivalled support. The company currently works with over 350 providers across more than 60 practices and has served 350,000 patients. They recognize that each patient has confidential medical records and patient history which needs to be protected and managed.


One of the solutions in use is a powerful app that allows the company to digitize the communication and workflow between their patients and doctors, reducing costs, and increasing collaboration hand in hand with data security.

The Current Challenge

The healthcare system is constantly evolving. Over the years, the advent of IT solutions has increased efficiency and improved patient outcomes, while reducing costs for both healthcare providers and patients alike. The company recognizes that Software applications and computer networks are now viewed as essential tools for practicing medicine. When IT systems do not work as intended, staff resort to old-fashioned methods such as paper, or bypass important steps. This can lead to important information being misplaced or overlooked.

Achieving an increasing amount for the user, software is becoming ever more complex. Look at your average electronic health record system. This might interact with multiple servers and dozens of disparate applications, and touch facilities across many networks and data servers, as well as the Cloud. Every time a user sends a query, these systems are all having a role in finding the right response. Visibility of every one of these elements is essential. If just one connection is not up to par – the whole solution falls apart.

Most companies have a mixture of new and legacy applications. While the latest innovations need investment in new software and technology, our client knows it is usually unaffordable to replace old solutions immediately. IT need to be able to manage multiple solutions which are designed to work independently of each other. When problems arise due to conflicting systems, patches and fixes are often made in crisis mode, leading to changes in computer networks and processes which are difficult to trace or stay on top of.

Healthcare technology is literally a matter of life and death. To continue to give its customers premier support and medical services, every time a user needs to access a patient record, time matters. Accessing electronic data is not like taking a folder out of a filing cabinet. It can involve gleaning data from multiple departments, downloading information from specialists, and even connecting to more than one database or hospital. For a paperless healthcare provider, there are systems in place which send invoices to the patient, as well as prescriptions to the pharmacy, or recommendations and updates to other clinicians involved in the case. For our client, this is all critical to the health of the patient.

Security and data privacy is not a ball which can be dropped. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, HITECH, and HIPAA need to be respected and adhered to at all times.

Our Goals

Correlsense’s mission is to ensure that this new generation of healthcare software delivers better patient outcomes at a lower cost.

  • Create an environment where the IT systems are the preferred method for patient care
  • Give granular detail of all applications and servers, to speed up troubleshooting and proactively keep service at a high standard
  • Manage multiple solutions, many of which work independently of one another
  • Allow the company to comply with regulatory guidelines

The Solution

Correlsense SharePath is the only performance management software that provides complete visibility into new or existing hospital information and EHR systems: inside a hospital or other facility, at affiliated hospitals and physicians groups, with Payers, and to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. SharePath ensures the smooth flow of information and delivers the performance physicians need to improve patient outcomes.

By implementing SharePath, the company was able to gain granular visibility into their rich client application, and monitor performance. Alerts were set up with allowed them to proactively troubleshoot delays or errors before they affected the staff to the detriment of the patients. IT can now get to the root cause of the problem in minutes rather than days, and with insight rather than guesswork. SharePath also generates reports which can be understood by anyone – from IT, to clinicians and accounting reps.

This level of support and service makes using the IT services the preferred solution and prevents staff from trying to bypass important steps or revert to traditional pen and paper methods. It also supports departments in working more seamlessly with one another, getting invoices settled faster with predicable and reliable payer systems, and prioritizing performance where it is the most essential.

SharePath tracks all transactions across internal, external and Cloud networks. This makes it much easier to diagnose any problems and enables the company to comply with meaningful use guidelines. SharePath also automatically captures information on all user transactions, allowing users insight into all actions performed along the digital chain, making them ready in the case of a government HIPAA audit.

Like other Healthcare providers of all sizes, the company is increasingly reliant on their EHR system.  The application needs to be available at all times, even when new features are being updated, or when serving large amounts of patients. With little to no impact on application performance, SharePath automatically detects changes in the network infrastructure. It can adapt to suit any environment, allowing healthcare services to run efficiently without downtime or delay.

Summary of Added Value

  • An accurate, real-time representation of information across the entire technology stack, giving insight to solve problems proactively or in real-time.
  • Assurance that the application is operating at peak performance at all times
  • Support of regulatory compliance of HIPAA, meaningful use guidelines, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and HITECH
  • Better and more guaranteed service. This enables the company to work towards more positive patient outcomes at a lower cost