Application Performance Management News: 5 Top Findings from TRAC Research's Spectrum

There are 5 key takeaways from TRAC’s recent report on application performance management. First, there is a difference in a value of APM capabilities for different job functions, ie, there are developer-centric APM and operations-centric APM. Another key finding was that many organizations are using multiple tools to plug their performance gaps. IT’s not about finding the holy grail but rather the right mix:

71% of user organizations are using more than 1 tool for APM. The study includes nine APM submarkets that include between 8 and 23 technology vendors based on their ability to support specific use cases and job roles, and very often using a mix of different underlining technologies to address different aspects of application performance monitoring.

You can read more here: 5 Top Findings from TRAC Research’s APM Spectrum