Application Performance Management News: TRAC Research Talks About the APM Spectrum

application performance management analyst Bojan Simic recently sat down with Pete Goldin from APM digest to discuss the state of play in the market. In part two, Bojan talks about the different desires of Development and IT operations. This is validation of our core beliefs, APM products must be specialized for various users and a one-size-fits-all approach will not be successful for large Enterprises:

One point that is important to mention, we asked the question in the survey about tools being used in pre-production only, production only, or both pre-production and production. 52% said APM tools are being used in production only. 10% are being used in pre-production only. 38% are being used in both. So on the developer side, you need to make sure the tool can also be effective in production. That is one of the recommendations that we have for developers in the study.

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