Application Transaction Monitoring – Verifying Each Transaction & Saving Costs


Application Transaction Monitoring – Verifying Each Transaction & Saving Costs

Background Information

A leading US global telecommunications and internet provider are well-known for providing core services for medium to large internet carriers, including IP, voice, video and other content. Their clients are global, and found on several continents, including North and South America, Asia and Europe. As one of the largest competitive local exchange carriers (CLEC) as well as being listed amongst the top names in America for providing fiber-optic internet access, they have thousands of employees and a multi-billion dollar revenue.

Application Transaction Monitoring - Verifying Each Transaction

The Challenge

The company uses a third-party organization to send SOAP API requests, and validate the addresses which they use, ensuring they are not false. Each transaction is charged, but the pricing scheme is different depending on the location of the addresses. A higher cost is incurred when foreign addresses are verified than for the ones on US soil. One of the directors of the company had some concerns. Specifically, he felt the bill was too high, and was concerned about the number of transactions they were completing. How many were for foreign transactions, and how many were US based? The business was looking for a way to save money while having application transaction monitoring, as well as to ensure that their costs were accurate against their transactions.

The Solution

Using the SLA watch, all transactions are automatically detected and can be given service levels depending on what SharePath sees. With our application transaction monitoring tool, this is true at a granular level for individual transactions and works for all user locations. You can see how an entire application, comprised of many transactions is delivering service, breaking it down into exactly the information you want to see. In fact, SharePath has the only full transaction tracing and mapping technology on the market.

For the telco and internet provider in question, understanding the volume of the transactions gives them the detail they need to fully understand where the costs are coming from. With application transaction monitoring they can now see clearly how many transactions are for US addresses as opposed to foreign ones. By monitoring these automatically, they can make sure that they are paying the vendor the right amount when the invoices come in.

Because they have the data on volume, the reports make it instantaneous to compare foreign transactions to US ones and allow this information to be shared to all the relevant departments. These reports are scheduled and arrive periodically, making the entire process as effortless as it is valuable.

Added Value

  • The company can save money, now able to compare their US and foreign transactions
  • All third-party transactions can be checked seamlessly
  • Vendor invoices can be verified at a glance, making sure they are not overcharging
  • Business strategy can be shifted to meet budget requirements for address verification