ASG Partners with Correlsense to Add Advanced Transaction

Management Capabilities

Framingham, MA | July 25, 2011 – ASG Software Solutions announced today that it has entered into a strategic marketing relationship with Correlsense, Inc., a Gartner Group “Cool Vendor” and APM Innovator. Headquartered in Framingham, MA, Correlsense offers cross-platform Application Performance Management through Business Transaction Management to help companies boost IT reliability, lower costs, and gain better visibility into the multi-tiered transaction systems.

“As enterprises migrate infrastructures and workloads to cloud technologies, they need new ways to monitor applications across these increasingly complex environments.”

“Correlsense’s SharePath provides a unique approach to monitoring applications and transactions which complements our diverse portfolio of network and application management tools,” said Arthur Allen, President and CEO of ASG. “As enterprises migrate infrastructures and workloads to cloud technologies, they need new ways to monitor applications across these increasingly complex environments.”

SharePath’s patent–pending technology provides unprecedented transparency into the many paths that transactions follow throughout the enterprise. ASG will be marketing and selling SharePath along with ASG’s real, synthetic and deep-dive monitoring tools such as TMON, TriTune, PERFMAN and others. SharePath views everything flowing into and out of a server at the operating system level. This low-overhead approach makes SharePath simple to implement, easy to use, and available for a diverse range of customer configurations. Today’s dynamic distributed virtualized cloud environments can benefit from real-time tracking of transactions as they move from tier to tier, server to server, and application to application without system constraints. Enterprises can also mitigate mainframe MIPS costs by understanding which applications, transactions, and users create the greatest system loads.

“We are excited to partner with a market leader like ASG,” said Oren Elias, CEO of Correlsense. “Using SharePath, along with TMON and other ASG products, provides in-depth views of application transactions from the end user all the way to the database and mainframe, giving CIOs and IT managers a more effective way to monitor and troubleshoot Cloud, virtual, and traditional IT applications.”

About ASG

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About Correlsense

Correlsense is a leading provider of application performance management solutions. The company’s flagship product, SharePath, is a transaction management solution which enables IT organizations to be more agile when introducing new business services in physical, virtual, or hybrid environments. Effortless to install, a SharePath solution can be up, running, and providing value in less than a day. Leveraging a unique approach that combines both transaction tracking and automatic application behavior modeling, SharePath provides IT organizations with actionable knowledge on how to avoid disruptions, maintain high service levels, and constantly improve end-user experience. For more information please visit or download the free Express edition of SharePath at