Best Floor Nailer in 2022

As a professional contractor or homeowner that wants to replace worn out floor, getting the best floor nailer is a must. Although it’s possible to nail the pieces of wood by hand, this is tedious and time-consuming. The worst part is that the results can be disgusting!

With the best floor nailer, you’ll not only get the job done accurately but also spend a very short time. Designed for building wooden flooring, they are available in both manual and pneumatic types and you can use them on both soft and hardwood.

More so, since you don’t have to hold the nails, you’ll keep your fingers safe as well. While finding a floor nailer is easy, getting the best tool is difficult. Here is a review of the best 5 and a buying guide to help you out.

Top 2022 Floor Nailer

We’ve also included answers to some common questions you may be having.

1. Freeman PFBC940 Pneumatic Mini Flooring Nailer and Stapler

If you don’t want to go for the most expensive models and brands for the job, Freeman PFBC940 is the right tool for you. Although it’s quite affordable it’s a high performing nailer with all the features you need.

As an overall good flooring nailer machine, it’s fitted with a compressor and uses air pressure. Once you’ve gotten hold of the handle, you’ll be able to maneuver it.

Shooting both staples and nails and converting easily into a brad nailer, you’ll finish your flooring jobs within no time. Essentially, it provides you with 2 tools in one.

Weighing only 4 pounds, it’s one of the lightest tools on this list. This makes it the best nailer to use for huge projects.

Using a tool-free release latch, you can automatically remove those jammed nails. Instead of taking it apart, you just need to pull the latch and the nails will come off.

To make it even better it has a depth adjustment feature that ensures the nails don’t go deep into the material.

Considering all its positive features it’s among the best floor nailers in the market.


  • Comes with a tool-free easy release latch
  • Features 4 in 1 functionality
  • Can use both nails and staples
  • Fitted with a pneumatic system
  • Lightweight hence suitable for extended use


  • Not suitable for large projects
  • Comes with bent nails

2. BOSTITCH Flooring Stapler for Engineered Hardwood EHF1838K

Designed for every flooring project, BOSTITCH Flooring Stapler will provide you with the quality performance and constancy that you need from any tool. Featuring a capacity of 100 staples, you can use it to accomplish most of your flooring jobs.

Unlike other nailers that have interchangeable base plates, it features an adjustable base plate hence will save you a lot when dealing with multiple profiles.

If comfort is your thing, this is the ideal tool. Manufactured with comfort in mind, it’s fitted with an over-molded rubber grip to boost its comfort and make it easy to maneuver.

As a 3.5 pound tool, you can use it for long without getting tired. Featuring a convenient swiveling air hose, that you can adjust, it’s the right tool for your nailing needs.

Designed to work with almost any flooring size, it comes with adjustable knobs for fastening and varying degrees of thicknesses. Since it has a capacity of 100 staples, you don’t have to reload it every now and then.

The best part is that it’s backed with a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty! If you experience any manufacturer’s defects, you can return it back.


  • It has an oil-free operation
  • It has a huge staples capacity
  • Its swivel air fitting features ensure the staples is where you want it


  • It’s a little bit expensive

3. Ramsond RMM4 2-in-1 Flooring Nailer and Stapler Gun

Featuring a patented design, Ramsond RMM4 2-in-1 Flooring Nailer allows you to shoot both cleat nails and staples without changing the magazines. Using compressed air, it has air booster chambers for speed and driving force.

Apart from tackling all the hardwood flooring, it has a non-marrying base system to protect your floor against damage.

To use it, you just need to attach the hose to its air inlet and rest it squarely against your work. To provide you with precision driving, the angle and the direction of the staples and nails will be aligned automatically.

Suitable for almost all thickness of woods it has two nylon composite base plates. You, therefore, need to install the appropriate plate for your work.

Meant for long-term use, it features an industrial-strength hence you can use it for long without feeling uncomfortable. Apart from its durable and lightweight body, its driver blade is made of hardened steel for long-lasting usage.

To offer comfort, it has a padded cushioned grip and long reach handle. This will also provide control and ensure it’s balanced.


  • It has a tool kit with several attachments
  • Very powerful compressor
  • Patented air booster chambers
  • Composite disks to provide extra stability
  • Nonmarring base


  • Might damage the edge of the floor

4. DEWALT Flooring Stapler DWFP12569 2-in-1 Tool

As one of the best performing options, Dewalt’s DWFP12569 is a unit that you can trust for your flooring projects. Although it’s one of the most expensive models, you can rest assured you’ll get value for your money.

Unlike other nailers, it has lower CFM requirements. This means less air compressor run time. Designed to work with the most popular nailing fasteners, you can use it with the 16-gauge L-shaped cleats and 15.5-gauge staples.

Equipped with a comfortable rubber grip and long handle, it’s not only comfortable but also easy to use. Even when nailing for extended periods, you won’t feel any fatigue.

Using a non-marring base and interchangeable base plates, you can easily adjust it to any thickness or flooring size.

To further make it durable and reliable, it comes with a 3-year warranty. This means in case of anything you can get in touch with the company.

Since it’s fitted with standard ¼ inch air fitting, it can work perfectly well with any air compressor. Whether you are a professional or DIYer, you can’t go wrong with this nailer.


  • Ergonomic and comfortable grip
  • Long warranty period
  • Great performance
  • Lower CFM requirement
  • Interchangeable nonmarring base plates


  • No dry fire lockout
  • A little bit expensive

5. Freeman PF18GLCN Pneumatic 18-Gauge Cleat Flooring Nailer

Are you concerned about the quality of your floorboards and wants to treat them well? If so this is the best nailer to use. Featuring a lightweight aluminum body, comfortable handles, a light strike bumper, and a 3 base plate, Freeman PF18GLCN has everything you need.

Given that it excels in dealing with dense flooring materials like bamboo and cherry, it won’t disappoint you. Another thing that sets it apart is its durable construction. With this nailer, you don’t have to worry about durability.

Featuring ergonomic grip and an extended handle, it will provide you with a long operation. Plus, its interchangeable plates and no-mar foot will protect your flooring.

In addition to its 120 fastener capacity magazine, it has a handy fiberglass no-mar to reduce the load capacity.

Although it doesn’t shoot T-cleats or staples, it will significantly help you install hardwood floors. So, if you are using exotic hardwoods, woven bamboo, or cherry, it’s the right tool to use.


  • Features a very storing construction
  • Tough nails for tough wooden boards
  • Can be used for different functions
  • Durable aluminum body and cylinder


  • A little on the heavier side
  • Limited fastener compatibility

The Best Floor Nailer Buying Guide

Supported Length

While all floor nailers are different from each other, the biggest difference is their length. Having said that, you need to choose one that supports the nail length you wish to use. With everything considered, a higher range will lead to a more versatile and flexible floor nailer.

Gauge Size

If you use nails that don’t match the thickness and type of wood you are in a big problem.  Due to this, consider the quality and thickness of the board. This way you’ll know the nail gauge that you need. Plus, make sure the gauges are compatible with the machines.

Staples or Cleats

This is also a very important consideration when shopping for the right floor nailer. While staples might hurt the surface of the wood, they look much better. Since some nailers support both if you find these ones go for them.

Construction of the Body

While floor nailers are not expensive, you don’t want to buy one every now and again. Thus, it’s crucial to choose a highly durable and well-built one. Apart from going for sturdy and tough material make sure it has a comfortable handle and lightweight. The most commonly used material is aluminum.

Source of Power

When it comes to this, the most common sources of power are pneumatic and manual. While manual nailers are affordable they are a bit difficult to operate. Besides these, we have electric ones that can be useful and convenient.


Just like any product, you should get value for your money. The right floor nailer should be affordable, well-built, and high performing. A good nailer should also be fast, efficient, and reasonably priced. Since they come at different prices choose one based on your budget. While some are below $100, others retail at as much as $500.


The material of the nailer usually determines the weight. To ensure that you can move around and work for long, choose a portable and lightweight one.


You cannot be sure whether your floor nailer will last long or not. Right? With this in mind, choose a unit that comes with a warranty. Although some brands provide a 1-year warranty, others offer up to a 7-year warranty or even a limited manufacturer’s warranty. The longer the duration the better the product. However, before settling for this, check the reputation of the company and terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a floor nailer?

A floor nailer is a unique tool that eliminates the need for a hammer. Apart from nailing down your flooring, it helps you do it faster and more accurately.

What type of nailer do I high need for my high-density bamboo flooring?

You need an 18 gauge nailer to perfectly nail your bamboo flooring. This type of unit will power through the surface and prevent any damage that may occur.

Is a floor nailer really worth it?

As compared to nailing by hand, a floor nailer is much more accurate and efficient. They also have features to protect your hand and work surface.

How can I clear jammed nails if the automatic button doesn’t work?

First, you need to remove the screws of the rear magazine and then remove the magazine rear. Next, use a hammer or screwdriver to gently tap the driver so you can free up the jammed nails. Once you are done, reassemble everything and fix the screws.

Can I use different nails for nailer?

No. since the nail holder can only accommodate specific sizes and are made with special depth adjustment, make sure the nails are compatible with the nailer.

How can I reduce the noise?

Once you lower the pressure, the noise will automatically come down.

Staples are nails which are the best?

As compared to nails, staples are a poor alternative.  Besides leaving some marks, they do not last long.

How can I maintain my floor nailer?

If you want your floor nailer to serve you for long, you must take good care of it. Apart from taking it to the shop for servicing, you can blow off the dust and ensure you use the right pressure.


Whatever floor nailer you use will affect the accuracy, quality, and speed of completing the work. Whether you are going to use it professionally or for home projects you can’t afford to go wrong with your choice. By considering factors such as power source, type, body construction, and the weight you’ll end up with the right tool. If you are not sure how to go about this, start with our review.