Wealth Management


Wealth Management

Monitoring Third Party Applications and Keeping Vendors Honest

The Customer:
The customer was a large wealth management firm which offers both individuals and institutions investment products and management services. They use innovative technologies and a large amount of computing resources to serve their numerous clients worldwide.

Business Challenge: Gaining Visibility into a Vendor Supported Application
The company wanted to get a complete view into the performance of vendor supported applications which were vital to their growth. The applications’ end users were experiencing poor performance which IT was unable to explain. In this business, the response time of every single application (especially tasks related to trading transactions) matters greatly – every second counts! Furthermore, many of the applications were on different versions of WebLogic, meaning traditional monitoring tools could only cover one or the other.

“No other vendor could monitor so many third-party applications”
-IT Manager

The Applications:
The clusters of third party applications which the customer wished to monitor were paramount for sales and business development. The software was used to build bonds, maintain contacts, focus on customer needs and establish customer loyalty.

Solution: SharePath Application Performance Management from Correlsense
The firm implemented SharePath by Correlsense to gather performance data on the vendor supported applications and hold them accountable for performance. The large number of third party applications which needed monitoring left them with few tools to choose from.

The IT team led the installation and integration process in a timely manner with limited support from Correlsense. Once installed, IT could easily name the various transactions which were stalling simply by using the SharePath workflow. Also, the code level visibility component of the product provided response time measurement and analytics for SQL statements.

Results and Benefits: End-to-End Visibility and Vendor Accountability
SharePath’s complete, end-to-end transaction tracing capability gave them the data they needed and made the project successful. The product’s adaptive technology, which automatically detects changes in the infrastructure, was able to deal with both versions of WebLogic without painful integration or customization. Seeing the full path, from an end user’s click a through to the database, without changing the code or adding any load allowed their IT to communicate performance issues to the vendor in a professional manner

Moving forward, the firm is in the process of deploying SharePath throughout their IT with a target of having dozens of applications fully monitored in the upcoming year. They also plan on using the unique performance data to feed their capacity planning strategy.

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