Telecommunications Provider


Telecommunications Provider

Improving End User Experience in a Complex, Custom-Built Application

The customer was an international telecommunications company which has also been ranked as one of the most connected Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Business Challenge: Gaining Visibility into a Home Grown Application
The company wanted to get a complete view into the performance of a home grown application which was vital to the growth of the business. The application’s end users were experiencing slow performance, which IT was unable to explain.

“We were able to see exactly which user was suffering from a timeout exception, a true ‘Wow!’ moment for both IT and business stakeholders”
—-Director of Application Support, Major Telecommunications Provider

The Application:
The home grown application was based on an IIS server with a .Net layer and communicates with both Oracle and MSSQL DBs.

Solution: SharePath Application Performance Management from Correlsense
The company implemented SharePath by Correlsense to gather performance data on the application in order to understand its behavior and see why users were complaining about performance.

The complete installation included the advanced SharePath server, collectors and a code level visibility component, which provided response time measurement and analytics for SQL statements and helped IT understand stalled transactions.

Results and Benefits: End-to-End Visibility, Improved Performance, and Happy End Users

The customer’s IT went into their live production SharePath install and saw a bunch of failed transactions. By clicking through IT was able to see the exact method that was generating a Timeout Exception. Furthermore, they were able to show exactly which user it was, a true “Wow!” moment for both IT and business stakeholders.

The leader of Application Support had several success stories with SharePath including:

  • An outage where app support was able to quickly isolate the problem area. Moreover, they were able to pinpoint the exact users who were impacted, and proactively reach out to the business owner and tell him that they are on top of it. They were shocked by the fact IT proactively was able to notify them of specific users with poor experiences.
  • Two other instances occurred where IT was able to pinpoint an issue within minutes, instead of having a typical group of 17 people on the line (which used to be the common practice). This was during a planned software upgrade that did not go well.

Moving forward, the customer is in the process of deploying SharePath on additional applications.

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