The Challenge Monitoring for e-commerce is integral for business success, perhaps more so than any other type of company website. Behind the scenes of an e-commerce website, are the clues to understanding your customer behavior and e-commerce infrastructure… Read More

Truly powerful ideas are frustrating to explain, because, however simple their “elevator speech” core, their lasting value lies in the entire network of relations they make possible, and those multiple linkages resist glib summary. Application performance management (APM) is a perfect example. Read more…

Three events coming up soon deserve special attention from those of us responsible for aligning performance and business goals. First is the 20th Annual User Conference of the Tcl/Tk programming language in New Orleans this week.  Read more…

Optimize Application Performance During PaaS Migrations

I know many of our readers must be sick of the “cloud computing” hype by now. If you’ve only heard the discussion from the point of view of some IT bloggers, marketers, and vendors you’d be led to believe the cloud is all benefit with few costs or risks associated with it. The reality for IT Operations and Development teams stuck with the task of implementing cloud based services is much different. Read more…

You have your datacenter humming along nicely. Incidents arise, but you routinely clear them. How do you make sure that you’ll continue to be able to keep up?

Part of the answer is to measure performance accurately and comprehensively. One of “Real User Monitoring blog”‘s most repeated messages is that application performance monitoring (APM) needs to be performed at a level that has business, not just technical, meaning. An earlier generation of performance indicators focused on technical parameters (think of network collisions or percentage of disk capacity used) that feebly illuminate how our applications perform for real end-users. We can do better than that, though. Read more…

Webinar: 5 APM and Capacity Planning Imperatives for a Virtualized World

Increased adoption of virtualized applications has greatly increased the complexity of capacity planning and performance management. Monitoring and forecasting CPU utilization is no longer enough. IT operations and capacity planners now must understand and optimize their applications and infrastructure from the end user to the data center. Read more…

News of the Week in Application Performance Management and IT Operations – September 7

This week’s feature articles includes contributions from Dennis Drogseth of EMA research, Cameron Laird of Real User Monitoring, Jim Rapoza of the Aberdeen Group, and more. Read more…

News of the Week in Application Performance Management and IT Operations – August 10

Including articles about infrastructure trends, Oracle Forms and IT skills, here are our highlights from this week’s news in the world of Application Performance Management and IT operations:
 Read more…

Correlsense’s Take on Business Transaction Management

Episode 1 of this podcast series introduces Business Transaction Management and reviews the key considerations for making BTM part of a maturing business service management strategy. Participants: Lanir Shacham, CTO, Correlsense Doug McClure, IT blogger and service management… Read More

Transaction-Based Capacity Planning

Managing day-to-day IT operations is like piloting a large freightliner; some days, the trip can be smooth sailing. Other days are fraught with stress. Why is our e-commerce site slowing down at 11:00 pm every Thursday? How will… Read More

Transaction Discovery

Episode 2 of this three-part podcast series takes a closer look at the differences between synchronous and asynchronous transactions and the requirements for tracing transactions end-to-end. Participants: Lanir Shacham, CTO, Correlsense Doug McClure, IT blogger and service management… Read More

IT Reliability Through Business Transaction Management

Every organization wants IT reliability: confidence that technology powered business processes will be available, perform well, and adapt to changing business conditions. Companies need to know exactly what is going on and need to be able to predict… Read More

Transaction Tracing and Stitching

The final episode of this three-part series covers transactions as they traverse the data center through multiple tiers across the infrastructure to the end-user’s desktop. The discussion covers defining the level of the tracking, rules setting, and service… Read More

Correlsense SharePath – Making Sense of Transaction Data

Written by Jane Clabby, Analyst, Clabby Analytics Back in March 2010, Clabby Analytics wrote a report on a Business Transaction Management (BTM) — an evolving segment of the application performance management marketplace. We described what BTM is, how the market… Read More

IT Reliability in Plain English

Posted by Lanir Shacham At Correlsense, we sell a software product called SharePath, which is the first coherent IT Reliability solution for enterprises. So what is IT Reliability? In general, it is about allowing IT staff to take control… Read More