Challenges with Application Performance Management (APM) 1.0 Products

Legacy application performance management products (version 1.0) have serious limitations with them which may dissuade IT Operations from using them. In some cases the medicine was worth than the illness, high overhead, lack of an end to end transaction view, very costly implemetation proceses both in terms of time and money. This discussion board shares some good insights on the limitations of legacy APM products and why the next generation shows promise:

The enterprise applications and technologies such as Java have evolved in past two decades. The APM 1.0 tools were invented more than a decade back and they provided great benefits to resolve application issues that were prevalent with the early versions of Java and .NET technologies. However Java/.NET application servers have become mature and do not have those challenges any more. Also enterprise application architecture and technologies have changed drastically and the APM 1.0 tools have not kept up. This article discusses challenges with old generation of APM products….

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