Citrix Performance Management – Unify Citrix User Experience with Back-end Application Performance Data

Rich client and Citrix applications are used widely in the enterprise environments, however one of the biggest blind spots of enterprises when it comes to providing visibility of any application, seems to be the delivery of services via Citrix.

This sometimes creates problems with Citrix performance management:

  • Where is the problem – DataCenter? Citrix End User?
  • What is the problem?
  • Who is impacted?
  • When does the problem occur?

Many of Citrix XenApp applications are Desktop Rich Client, which can interact with backend services such as databases, application servers, web services and so forth.

SharePath provides a full Data Center trace of User Transactions from the click in the Rich Client to the last call on the database.

This presentation outlines the APM SharePath solution of Monitoring XenApp Rich Client applications.

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Presentation slides:


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