Clabby Analytics Highlights SharePath 2.5 In Recent Report

Clabby Analytics recently released a report highlighting the new feature of SharePath 2.5:

The firm has previously highlighted SharePath’s non-intrusive approach and easy implementation. These factors have not changed with 2.5 – and Clabby agrees.

New features include user response time monitoring, code level visibility, revamped analytics, and a new application dashboard for better usability. Making SharePath a comprehensive APM tool was the chief goal with this new release. As Clabby highlights:

“Clabby Analytics likes Correlsense’s new integrated, broadened strategy. While a ‘best in breed’ approach may work in some areas of IT, when tracking application performance across distributed computing environments, an integrated product such as Correlsense SharePath 2.5 can provide a more accurate and complete picture of the health of an application flow…problems and bottlenecks and their relative impact on response time can be much more easily identified – enabling applications to be quickly tuned for performance.”

With increased adoption of public and private clouds, SaaS, and consumerization of IT, maintaining SLAs and gathering reliable performance data have never been more important. Users must see what is really happening with transactions in these complex environments. Clabby concludes:

“With SharePath 2.5, users can see not only transaction flow, but also have deeper insight into application code, and how each component affects response time…. Correlsense has a strong, comprehensive APM solution for customers across a wide range of industries.”

We are flattered by the kind words and needless to say, couldn’t agree more with her conclusions.