Complexity: How solutions end up as problems, even APM

Complexity is the name of the game in today’s IT landscape. In the APM market, many legacy solutions created more problems than they solved. My favorite analogy is the medicine was more harmful than the disease. This is why APM shoppers must be vigilant in their search for what they need:

Complexity of IT architectures is a critically important element that sometimes gets overlooked. Certainly, IT vendors are never going to say their products are “complicated,” even when they are and when everyone knows they are. “Solutions” are always presented as easy to use, well integrated and so forth.  In fact, the very word “solution” is often an umbrella term hiding the fact that the “solution” consists of three or four different products (often acquired from other companies) loosely connected together in some way, which somehow always seems to require a month to get up and running correctly. But it all looks great on the PowerPoint slides!

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