Cool Vendors Grow Up

I was excited to see the recent news that Gartner analysts Jonah Kowall and Will Cappelli will be writing regular “cool vendor notes.” They offer great insight into the emerging players in our industry. This also marks the moment when companies begin to grow up:

“These research notes are fun to write and cover interesting innovative smaller technology companies to keep an eye on. Looking at the past cool vendors we have highlighted there are some phenomenal examples of companies which started small, were pointed out and grew up and were purchased or went public.”

Correlsense was awarded “cool vendor” status in 2009 for our pioneering tracing technology with non-Java applications, and it’s amazing how much has happened in 3 years.

We were included as a “Visionary” in Gartner’s APM Magic Quadrant last September. A feat that did not go unnoticed by Jonah:

@Correlsense sure shows you can go from cool vendor to magic quadrant participant in a couple years of features and focus.

We recently launched version 2.5 of our flagship product SharePath. This milestone included great new features, most importantly code level visibility. We added many new customers in various industries, recruited new employees, and gained more venture capital funding. This is just a sampling of all the growing up we’ve done.

I’d like to thank Jonah and Will for the shout out and we look forward to reading their future notes!

To see the full post on Jonah’s blog, click here: