Correlsense Announces Immediate Availability of SharePath 4.0.0

New release of flagship software SharePath 4.0.0 dramatically improves search functionality and user interface for enhanced overall enterprise performance management.

Herzliya, Israel July 30,  2015Correlsense, a leading enterprise application performance management (APM) company, today announced the general availability of SharePath 4.0.0 Release APM software available in both web and on premise environments.  The new version enhances the user experience while adding new functionalities to empower the enterprise IT customers.

Some key features include:

* Enablement of transaction groups that facilitate monitoring a series of transaction types. SharePath users can now arrange their data in more intuitive way that complies with their business needs.

* Smartification of SLA-compliance now shows failed transactions as bad transactions. Transactions with low response time that allegedly met their SLA threshold but failed (response time 404/500, for example) will be distinguished.

* Transaction topology no longer just alert application slowness, but indicates a full array of problems an application is experiencing through explicit topology display.

* Advanced session search and drill down with strong filtering capabilities. User flow can be now tracked smoothly

* New Application Diagnostic Report provides an end to end view (summary) of all the anomalies in the application performance/stack.

Correlsense SharePath is unique in its ability to trace single user requests for any application and follow it through the entire technology stack within an enterprise data-center. Some of the largest companies in the world rely on SharePath to manage critical application performance and ensure applications are always up and running as expected. With SharePath they can literally see every single user click and discover why it took five seconds to process instead of one second. SharePath shows how much of these five second interactions were spent in the web server, app server, database, message brokers, other apps and so forth.

“We are in the business of empowering IT specialists with tools that ensure that their critical applications perform flawlessly“, says Lanir Shacham, founder and CEO of Correlsense. “The new functionality that SharePath provides will now grant additional advantages to our current customers and those enterprises who would like to monitor complex applications that consist of a combination of technologies.”

SharePath Release 4.0.0 is available for immediate download for customers worldwide. Click here to download.

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Correlsense is a leading enterprise APM Company, delivering customer and value by ensuring that all business-critical applications perform effectively. It is the APM product of choice for business and IT operations managers who rely on complex enterprise applications. Correlsense paints a complete and dynamic picture of IT service levels and performance and real user monitoring for applications that span mobile, SaaS, cloud, data center and legacy platforms. SharePath customers include some of the world’s largest financial, telecom, utilities and healthcare firms. For more information, visit

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