Correlsense Announces SharePath Version 2.0

– Innovation Sets New Standard in Application Performance Management for Data Center and Cloud

Correlsense, a leading provider of transaction management solutions, today announced the availability of SharePath Version 2.0, which enables IT personnel to effectively manage the change inherent in today’s dynamic and complex IT environments. SharePath’s advanced automatic modeling, analytics and visualization capabilities transform transaction management data into actionable knowledge, ensuring end-users are not negatively affected by new application rollouts, code-pushes, patches, migrations and configuration changes.

In today’s modern environments, where both application and infrastructure changes are a daily occurrence, IT must ensure service levels and business service agility. Using unique transaction tracking and automatic application behavior modeling capabilities, SharePath enables IT to reduce the risk of outages or other negative impact on end-users. SharePath Version 2.0 features industry-leading innovations that are applicable for any IT environment, including traditional, virtualized, hybrid or cloud.

    • One-Click-Problem-Isolation™: Ensures end users aren’t affected by performance degradation by instantly pinpointing the defective component with a single click. Even for the most intermittent and sporadic disruptions, this new capability effectively highlights the source of disruption, saving hours, days or weeks of wasted resources and lost business revenues.
    • Proactive Service Level Management: In today’s dynamic IT environments, measuring service level compliance is not enough. SharePath provides unmatched analysis and actionable data into how service levels can be improved, enabling ongoing application performance optimization and improved end-user experience.
    • Application Rollout and Code-Push Reports: Using SharePath’s advanced application modeling and behavior change detection capabilities, these reports allow IT professionals to proactively identify transaction and application behavior changes that may impact end-user experience before rollouts occur. Quick, safe rollouts and code-pushes ensure the agility needed to support business demands for frequent introduction of new business services.
    • Global User Experience Management: IT needs to ensure performance for users anytime, anywhere. SharePath differentiates users and service levels based on user geographical location, providing the information needed to ensure the same user experience for all users regardless of location.

“With this new release of SharePath, the impact of daily changes in the IT environment are both visible and manageable, allowing IT to be proactive in maintaining the reliability of existing business services and providing the agility to quickly introduce new or better services,” said Nir Livni, vice president of products at Correlsense. “Until now, IT could only hope that these changes would not impact end users, because existing performance management tools provided no mechanisms to understand the true impact of a change or provide a way to isolate problems before rolling out.”

SharePath innovation continues to lead the market. In the past year, SharePath received recognition from Network Products Guide with its 2010 Best Products and Services Award, winning the Business Transaction Management category. SharePath was also featured in the March 2010 report by Gartner, “APM Innovators: Emerging Vendors Drive Market Evolution,” which focused on companies that are the key sources of innovation within the application performance monitoring (APM) industry.

About Correlsense
Correlsense is a leading provider of application performance management solutions. The company’s flagship product, SharePath, is a transaction management solution which enables IT organizations to be more agile when introducing new business services in physical, virtual or hybrid environments. Effortless to install, a SharePath solution can be up, running and providing value in less than a day. Leveraging a unique approach that combines both transaction tracking and automatic application behavior modeling, SharePath provides IT organizations with actionable knowledge on how to avoid disruptions, maintain high service levels and constantly improve end-user experience. For more information please visit or download the free Express edition of SharePath at